The Rev. James Cole: Show the world what true love is

There is a question that all of us at one time or another has been asked and, depending on who was asking it and what the exact item in the question was, determined how difficult it was to provide an answer. The question I am referring to is, “What does “something” look like?”


You may think that this question is rather easy to answer, but you have to take a look at what is being asked to be described and who it is that is seeking the answer. For instance, if a blind person, who has been blind since birth, were to ask you what the color blue looks like, would you be able to describe it? Not as easy as you think, is it? Maybe you could put something cold in their hands and tell them that the temperature they feel is kind of what blue looks like. What about a Volkswagen Beetle?

Maybe you could let them put their hands on the car and they could feel the shape of it and get the description of it that way. Either way, words aren’t enough to describe what they are asking.

Well, what about true love? How can true Christians describe that?

Well, for us to first describe the love of God through Christ, we would take them (not literally) to Calvary and show them the cross that our Lord and Savior hung on for the sins of those who would believe in Him. Now, we don’t see people literally hanging on a cross today, at least not in this country, so to actually let them witness it would be impossible; but we can vividly describe the scene and what He went through by showing them the Scriptures.

But what about in today’s culture, how do we describe the true love of Christ that dwells inside of those who have put their trust in Him? I don’t believe we can do that apart from actually showing them. You see, the love of Christ is not in words, per se; it is in action.

Too many times when someone is asked to describe love, they fall utterly short because they always try to describe a feeling of some sort. But again, love is not a feeling, although it can make you feel a certain way, but more importantly it is an action.

As believers, we have to remember that the world is spiritually blind, and so for people to “see” the love of Christ, we have to show them what it is like. Jesus gives us a beautiful picture of this in Scripture in Matthew 25:34-40.

This is where He said when He was hungry, we fed Him, He was thirsty and we gave Him something to drink, He was a stranger that we invited in, naked and we clothed Him, sick and we visited Him, in prison and we came to Him.

He ended this by stating that when we did this for the least of the people, we did it for Him. You see, that is showing love for Christ and the love of Christ for others in action.

The problem with this, however, is that we have become too busy, and have become so selfish in our own wants and desires that we hardly take notice of those around us who are in need of food, clothing, shelter, assistance, compassion or maybe just a kind word.

These people can be anyone from the homeless person on the street to a close co-worker or even the checkout person at the grocery store.

One thing is for certain, Jesus was never too busy to show compassion, to give a healing touch or to say a good word; and He did this without inviting everyone in the city to come see what He was doing.

He wasn’t looking for fanfare; He was showing those around Him what true love looks like. When was the last time you showed someone what true love looks like without announcing it for everyone to take notice of you?

Let’s follow in the steps of our Lord and King, and show His love at every opportunity, even at the expense of our own interests; then the world will see Him, and in seeing Him, they will see what true love is.

The Rev. James Cole is pastor of Sovereign Grace Community Church in Grovetown.