Shopgirl: Garden festival is next weekend

The Sacred Heart Garden Festival is coming up April 20-23 in the heart of downtown Augusta at the titular Sacred Heart Cultural Center.


It starts with the Thursday night preview party, then continues Friday through Sunday with the garden festival and tour of gardens, the Friday Night in the Garden signature event, and then caps off with a Sunday brunch in the gardens of Mr. and Mrs. R. Daniel Blanton.

If you can’t attend everything, I suggest prioritizing the Friday Night in the Garden event (tickets only $10!). Live music, the Fat Man’s Cafe food truck, signature beverages and the exhibits and vendors of the festival make for a refreshing spring night you won’t want to pass up. Learn more at


WHAT’S NEW: Facebook has made an interesting tweak within the Messenger app that may allow them to give Venmo a run for their money in the social banking sector.

As of now, you can post and pay charges within group messages to make sure you get your money when it’s your turn to make the beer run or order pizza. Just post the amount like a regular message, and get paid.

The best part is that the Messenger app shows who has and has not paid – adding a peer pressure element as a little bit of enforcement.


WHAT’S TRENDY: Converse is collaborating with Missoni to produce a sneaker that couples the classic Chuck Taylor lines and structure with the signature Missoni textiles and colors. The new release will feature styles for both men and women, and even incorporates the high-tech Nike Lunarlon insole for prime comfort levels.

Although even the most basic Converse styles are super comfortable and last for quite some time, the Missoni Chucks have little details from the Italian brand that add even more structural quality. The styles are already available in Europe, and should be making their way to the U.S. soon.

The best part? They’re just $127.