Shopgirl: Need a break? Twitter offers mute feature

In this day and age of over-the-top political opinions and oversharing via social media, my favorite aspect of Facebook is that I can “unfollow” friends if I don’t want to listen to their daily multi-posts, without forcing me to outright unfriend them.


Thankfully, Twitter has rolled out a similar option. The “mute” option within Twitter allows you to silence someone’s tweets, replies to them, retweets, and everything in between, without unfollowing them for good.

It’s good for a scenario like a big game weekend when you have a friend who will be live tweeting an event you couldn’t care less about – or when you’ve just had enough politics for a few days and need to take a break.

WHAT’S TRENDY. Westobou has long since been a great gift to the Augusta arts scene once a year, but they’re doing something really neat to stay in the game for the other 11 months.

Check out Westobou10 on, a monthly compilation of 10 must-see arts and culture events and exhibits. With this list, there is no excuse for being out of the know regarding the regional arts scene.

For February, just as a preview, Westobou10 features highlights ranging from Cupid’s Cabaret on Feb. 14 at Le Chat Noir to the Greater Augusta Arts Council’s Wet Paint Party, planned for Feb. 18. There’s a new list out each month, carefully and lovingly curated by Westobou staff and I hope everyone takes advantage of this great resource.

WHAT’S AFFORDABLE. Everything’s coming up 1990s, and Gap has a fantastic new collection throwing it back to the decade of Meg Ryan pleated khakis and light-wash jeans, but it’s selling out fast.

From button henleys to high-waisted and pleated jeans, these pieces are executed perfectly and with classic details at that affordable price point that Gap is known for.

The collection is modeled and spearheaded by children of famous ’90s stars that modeled for Gap back in the day, such as Rumer Willis (mom, Demi Moore) and Lizzy Jagger (dad, Mick Jagger).