Shopgirl: Convert old photos to digital copies in a flash

Google has released a new app that can convert your favorite old photo prints into digital images in just seconds, without the hassle of using a photo scanner or taking them to be professionally converted.


The app, called PhotoScan, actually takes four different photos in a quick process that then overlays the photos to create a perfectly-adjusted and color-balanced digital image of the hard copy. The steps are simple enough for even the most technology-challenged to use, and could be a great way to spend family time around the holidays (and protect those photos just in case).


WHAT’S TRENDY: If you have a lot of special events over the next few months, Rent the Runway may have a solution for you.

Their Unlimited subscription option allows you to order an ongoing (and unlimited) revolving door of three pieces at a time from their collections – jewelry, handbags, and of course clothing.

You just order three items, and return any of them at any time to get a new item. All of it comes with free shipping, is fully insured, and they dry clean the items once you return them. So there’s no stress about keeping them in perfect condition or anything.

An Unlimited subscription is just $139/month, which comes in at less than plenty of Rent the Runway one-time rentals. Especially for wedding season or holiday season, this is a life saver that keeps you looking really great without a huge outpouring of cash or closet space. Find out more at

WHAT’S AFFORDABLE: The Westobou Festival has put together a very unique show featuring local artists’ work throughout the holiday season, priced at a point that is perfect for gifts and starter art collectors.

The second annual Seeds art exhibit and sale runs from Dec. 2 through Jan. 27, and features pieces priced at $300 or less.

The artists featured in this exhibit sale are local and regional artists, working within a variety of media and styles.

Among the artists who have work in the Seeds show are Andrea Anderegg, Ellie Benson, Anna Bliss, Ethan Brock, Sydney Ewerth, Tom Hubbard, Gabi Hutchison, Jay Jacobs, Chase Lanier, Anna Patrick, Staci Swider, Jacob Vaz, Kelsea S. Windham, and Leonard Zimmerman. You can meet the artists from 5-8 p.m. Dec. 2 an the opening reception. Learn more at