Southbound Smokehouse to open in new stadium

Developers of the Augusta GreenJackets’ new stadium complex have revealed the identity of the restaurant to be located inside the ballpark.


Southbound Smokehouse is the latest business to announce its new development inside the SRP Park at North Augusta’s Riverside Village.

“This is something that the CSRA has never seen before and is a game-changing opportunity for our community,” said Southbound owner/partner George Claussen IV.

North Augusta’s Greeneway will be expanded up to the stadium’s edge on the Savannah River. Near that Greeneway point, near the riverside amphitheater beyond deep right field, developers promised a brewpub restaurant that not only opens into the ballpark but will be open to the public year-round.

“Our ballpark is not designed just for ball games. It’s really for social experiences,” GreenJackets President Jeff Eiseman said in September.

Southbound is partnering with Sweetwater Brewery to deliver service inside the ballpark. Patrons will be able to order food from Southbound, then visit SRP Park’s Homerun Porch, which offers views of both games in progress and the Savannah River.

Southbound opened in 2015 in the former Crum’s restaurant on Central Avenue.

The stadium is the centerpiece for the Riverside Village residential and commercial development, which is expected to be fully built out by April 2019.