Stonecrest Steakhouse closes

An Evans steakhouse has closed its doors for good.


Mark Herbert, the owner of Stonecrest Steakhouse in Evans Town Center, said the last dinner was served Saturday night.

Herbert, who also owns and operates Herbert Homes, said it's difficult to compete with chain-restaurant pricing.

"We were going to close for vacation and renovations," Herbert said. "We just decided it'd be best just to pay all the bills, close the doors and sell it out."

He opened the 140-seat restaurant in October 2007, with hopes of franchising the concept.

Diners might not have to wait long before another restaurant opens there.

"I've got several big groups looking at buying the place," said Herbert, who owns the building and office park surrounding it. "I think the community will be happy with the ones who are looking ... I was very, very impressed."