A time for thanks

"Just to have a wonderful job and to have my family and friends around to share this year with. I'm thankful that God let me see another year. That I'm doing great in school."


-- Desiree Elam, 21, child care provider at S & T Development & Learning Center and a sophomore at Paine College

"I'm especially thankful that everyday I can get up with a healthy mind and body. I'm thankful that I have people around me to love and love me back -- my family and my friends. Third, I'm thankful for my job. I have a job in this bad economic situation. I have a job to go to."

-- Kim Klein, real estate agent at Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate Co.

"I'm just thankful to have a job. I'm thankful for my health and my strength. I'm thankful to be working in a good Christian environment."

-- Don Dorsey, 44, head painter at Riverfront Collision Center

"So many things. Definitely first, family. I work with a great company. The people here are awesome. I work with a really friendly group of people. We get along well; we have a cohesive team. The department that I run -- I have a group of three people -- and they are fantastic to work with."

-- Jill Williams, 33, digital voice supervisor at Comcast

"First of all, I'm thankful for life, health and strength -- and for family. My family is pretty close-knit, and so we spend time with each other on Sunday and throughout the week."

Freddie Jackson, 37, assistant manager at JoS. A. Bank

"I'm thankful that all my family is present and accounted for. I have my health and strength, and mostly that I'm working."

--Vida Stapleton, 49, customer service representative at Sitel


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