Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Dec. 23-30. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:


DEC. 23

Wilson Cordero Morales to Kerry J. Jackson, Section 9, Lot 5, Block 3, Pepperidge , $130,400

Brantson Holdings LLC to Sanjeevan Vasanthakumar and Sinnathurai Vasanthakumar, Lot 34, Block B, Phase II, Aylesbury Commons , $145,100

Susanne P. Dunton to Wellington Park LLC, Lot B, Plat Book 30U Page 417, 1509 Myrtle Lane , $50,000

Tammy Strange to Geraldine R. Duncan, Section E, 1025 Oleander Drive, Lot 30, Bedford Heights

Katherine Mapp to Kimberly Mapp Dorr, Lot, on the west side of Glenn Avenue, Plat Book R309 Page 938 1325 Glenn Ave. , $233,000

Chase Home Finance LLC to U.S. Veterans Affairs, Deed recorded at Plat Book B886 Page 1459, Lot 33, Block A, Phase I, Ridge Forest Estates

DEC. 29

Deerfield Specialty Papers Inc. and Southern Glassine Co. to Deerfield Tissue LLC, Deed recorded at Plat Book B1177 Page 790, 13.004 acres, Plat Book B4 Page 350, Easement, Plat Book B4 Page 351, General Warran...

Reginald Hughes to Patrice A. Brown, Lot 24, Phase 1, South Park Commons

CSRA Fed Credit Union to Willard P. Young, Lot 13, Block C, Rocksbury , $71,900

Willard P. Young to Ella Mae Young and Willard P. Young, Lot 13, Block C, Rocksbury

Ryan G. Newman to Michael S. Newbern, Debra L. Newbern and Tracey L. Cunningham, Lot 1, Block B, Valley View , $95,000

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Wahid Hasan, Section II-B, 3814 Crest Drive, Lot 7, Block F, Sand Ridge , $75,200

Bank of America NA to Roger Mayle, Unit D, Building 7, Phase II, Brandywine Condo , $43,900

Wanda Larmore Trustee and Trinity Christian Methodist Episcopal Church ... to Darwin Barton, Apartment 1, Building A, and Apartment 4, Building F, Section II, Phase II, Winston Arms Condo , $9,000

Vintson Construction Co. to Eduardo Prieto and Susana Figueredo, Lot E2, Phase II, Mayo Townhomes , $176,900

Virginia L. Miller to James A. Henderson, Easement, Lot 7, Bellevue Town Homes , $201,500

One Stop Home Improvement Inc. to Mario M. Levicy, Section 2C, Lot 67, Block X, Phase I, Woodlake , $95,900

Tammie M. Sinkford, Tammie M. Way and Tammie M. Williams to Tammie M. Way and Anthony B. Way, Section Three, Lot 48, Block C, Northview

Elizabeth B. Rogers to Lee J. Andrews II, Half interest in Lot 18, Wheeler Woods , $667,500

Lee J. Andrews II and Michael B. Rogers to 3545 Wheeler Road Partnership LLP, 0.1 of an acre, Tract B, on the northwest corner of Agerton Lane and Wheeler Road, Easement, Lot 18, Wheeler Woods

Paula D. Outler to Susan Barrett, Lot 7, Block E, Peach Orchard Hills , $50,000

Charles William Hock Jr. to Wrightsboro Warehouse LLC, 8.92 acres, on the east side of Slaton Street, Plat Book R180 Page 1920

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Slavens Properties II LLC, 2341 Travis Pines Drive, Lot 7, Block A, Harolton

Slavens Properties II LLC and Allen E. Slavens to Gregory Allen Slavens, Lot 7, Block A, Harolton , $32,000

Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Asset and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee to Jennifer S. Slavens, 2360 Travis Pines Drive, Lot 18, Block B, Harolton

James M. Thomas to Shelly E. Thomas, 4417 Goshen Lake Drive S., Lot 9, Block C, Goshen Retreat

Citimortgage Inc. to U.S. Veterans Affairs, Lot 29, Block E, Phase III, Walton Acres

Wachovia Bank NA and Wachovia Bank of Georgia NA to Margitta Routh, Lot 14, Block A, Forest Acres , $35,000

U.S. Veterans Affairs to C. Murray Williams Trust, C. Murray Williams Living Trust and C. Murray Williams Trustee, 3103 Blackmon Court, Lot 32, Block B, Fair Woods , $43,300

PPG Properties LLC to MCG Health Inc., 1.74 acres, Plat Book B695 Page 234 , $2,435,000

DEC. 30

Alaska Seaboard Partners Limited Partner to William H. Powell, Section IV, 3606 Jonathan Circle, Lot 24, Block F, Apple Valley , $29,000

Robert B. Chaplin and Robert B. Chaplin Sr. to Georgia Bank & Trust Co. of Augusta, Security Deed recorded at Plat Book B1183 Page 1796, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Lot 14, Block E, Tuxedo Park , $50,100

Robert B. Chaplin and Robert B. Chaplin Sr. to Georgia Bank St.; and Parcel ...

Robin L. Hauser and Robin L. Johnson to Hannelore H. Srygley and Clifton B. Srygley, Section II, Lot 1, Block E, Quail Hollow, $75,000