Women are attracted to business programs

AIKEN --- Last Wednesday's Women in Business Spring Luncheon, sponsored by the Aiken Chamber of Commerce, set a record when about 120 women attended.


It was the largest gathering the chamber has had for the series since it began a year ago, chamber officials said.

Such programs provide women a chance to network in the business community. They also offer recommendations to help women develop professionally and personally.

Chambers began to focus on women's programs about 10 years ago, said David Jameson, the Aiken chamber. president

"Women felt they could benefit from that good old boy network, female-style," he said.

Mr. Jameson, who was the speaker for the luncheon, talked about how little things that can make a big difference when it comes to leadership, and his audience reacted.

"I picked up several great ideas to use in the workplace," said Teresa Haas, of the Washington Savannah River Co. "I think we can all benefit from (Mr. Jameson) telling everyone what's been successful for him.

The next luncheon -- Facing Your Own Goliath -- is planned for May 28 and will feature Fred Andrea, the pastor of First Baptist Church and past chairman of the Aiken Chamber.

A June 25 luncheon -- If I Knew Then, What I Know Now -- will feature three past Aiken chamber leaders -- Ms. Haas; K.D. Justyn, of Aiken Regional Medical Centers; and Dr. Susan Winsor, of Aiken Technical College.