Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for April 1-8. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:



David A.R. Knox and Susan L. Knox to Elizabeth A. Sekul and James G. James, 1.87 acres , $1,020,000

Promis Land Community Dev, and Promised Land Community Development Corp. to Carla Callen, Lot 24, Block B, Pinehurst , $98,800

LaGregory B. Utley to Donna Utley, Half interest in Section II, Lot 7, Block B, Ridgewood

Vintson Construction Co. Inc. to Sue E. Buehler and Robert B. Buehler, Lot E3, Phase II, Mayo Townhomes , $176,000

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Benjamin Council, Section 14, Lot 10, Block K, Cambridge , $186,900

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Melissa B. Vinson and Roy L. Robinson, Section One, Lot 1, Block A, Southampton , $163,900

Malane Properties LLC and Furman A. McElmurray to Fabrienne V. Gowdy, Lot 20C, Block R, Phase IB, Magnolia Villas , $89,900

Bill Beazley Homes Inc. to Shadawn H. Wright, Sections Four and Four A, Lot 1, Block B, Southampton , $145,900

Malane Properties LLC and Furman A. McElmurray to George S. Foster and Jean Foster, Lot 15E, Block V, Phase IB, Magnolia Villas , $89,900

Richard Z. Craig and Richard Z. Craig Sr. to Susan E. Craig, Lot 25, Block C, Bedford Heights

Michael M. Hillis to Michael Milton Hillis and Susan Lynn Hillis, 2 acres, Lot 2, Plat Book R110 Page 1453

Dolly P. Gabriel to Dolly P. Gabriel and Jason Gabriel, 0.98 of an acre, Tract 9, Plat Book R145 Page 1115

James L. Griffin and Tammy L. Griffin to Steven R. Burgess, 0.02 of an acre, Parcel 2A, Pleasant Cove Court, Plat Book R558 Page 1129, Lot 3, Pleasant Cove , $164,000

Kenneth L. Peaches to Jonathan E. Payne, Section IV, Lot 25, Block O, Montclair , $107,500


Matthew H. Folan to Truitt N. Nobles III and Jessie M. Nobles, Section II, Lot 43, Block B, Montclair , $140,000

Asset Backed Certificates Series 2005 He, Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities 1 L... and Lasalle Bank National Association Truste... to Michael O'Grady Jr., Section III A, 335 Eastview Drive, Lot 22, Block B, East View , $26,500

Aames Capital Corp. to Thomas B. McBride, Lots 17 through 20, Block G, King Woods , $50,000

Front Line Homes Inc. to Pauline C. Sweatt and Floyd E. Sweatt Jr., Lot 48, Block C, Walton Hills , $187,700

Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates S... and U.S. Bank National Association Trustee to Leona C. Thompson, Section One, Lot 4, Block E, North View , $57,000

Leona C. Thompson to Yellowhouse Properties LLC, Section One, Lot 4, Block E, North View , $58,100

William K. Campbell to Benjamin Boulineau, Section I, Lot 8, Block 20, National Hills , $82,000

Mark P. Worm and Tammy W. Worm to Velma J. Johnson, Lot 5, Block C, Lakeside , $69,900

Mary A. Farr, Reuben H. Farr and Reuben Henry Farr to Christina McClain and Lawan McClain, Section III, Lot 17, Block A, Highpointe , $132,000

Eddie W. Gunnoe and Katie M. Gunnoe to Joshua A. Harris and Tamara S. Harris, 1807 Sheffield Court, Lot 16, Kenmare , $112,000

Ki Chun Kim and Sara Kim to Meredith Taylor, 2218 Pleasant Drive, Lot 29, Pleasant Valley , $120,500

United States Housing and Urban Development to Richard Charles Leonetti, 3813 Hollow Keg Drive, Lot 6, Block C, Hollow Keg

Linda E. Walker, William E. Walker and William E. Walker Jr. to Henry T. Harris, Part of Lot 32, on the northwest corner of Druid Park Avenue and McNally Street, Plat Book 3V Page 690, 1143 Druid Pa... , $65,000

Southern Builders & Developers LLC to Seago Builders & Developers LLC, 0.2 of an acre, Tract A1; 1.06 acres, Tract A2, Plat Book B4 Page 246; 10 acres, Tract 3 ...; and Unit 2, Lot 16, Block A, Alexandria Estates

Birkdale LLC and Chuck Pardue to Keystone Property Development LLC, Lot, on the north side of Greene Street, Plat Book R609 Page 875, 563 Greene St., Easements , $240,000

Fred M. Sims to Fatima T. Zohra, Exception, Lot 22, Block A, Luckys , $300,000

Keith Howard to Phyllis G. Crim, Jennifer Brade and Jesse J. Crim, Lot 3, Block F, Tuxedo Park , $102,000

First Choice Home Builders LLC to Louise Williams and John P. Williams, Section 3, Lot 15, Block I, Elderberry , $240,000

Top Notch Builders Inc. to Byron L. Duvernay, Section Three, 1335 Oak Ridge Plantation, Lot 49, Oakridge Plantation , $189,800

John Henry Rickerson to Lela Rickerson Milton, 1428 Mill St., Lot 6, Block 3, Lafayette Place

Detric Chance and Shamika T. Chance to Keith R. Patterson and Tiana Patterson, Section I, 3609 Albemarle Court, Lot 29, Block C, Salem , $90,000

James T. Garren to Kathryn B. Barrett and Allan W. Barrett, 0.27 of an acre, Lot B, Plat Book B4 Page 14, 1235 Belmont Drive , $160,000


National City Bank to United States Veterans Affairs, Section Three, Lot 49, Block A, Breckenridge

Walton Hills Keystone LLC to Michael D. Henderson, Section VII, Lot 60, Block C, Walton Hills

Paul F. Speering to Nekita Garrick and Mario L. Garrick, 1.01 acres, on the southwest side of Hephzibah-McBean Road, Plat Book B1 Page 147 , $204,900

Southtrust Mortgage Corp. to Laney Walker Development Corp., Lot 9, Block A, Summerfield East , $25,000

Granite Hill Keystone LLC to Bridget M. Glover, Section 2, Lot 21, Block B, Granite Hill , $212,800

Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States Housing and Urban Development, Section 2B, Lot 29, Block R, Phase Two, Woodlake

Bank of New York Co. NA Trustee and JPMorgan Chase Bank NA Trustee to Direct Real Estate Services Inc., Lot 25, Block B, Silver Crest Extension , $38,000

Kimberly H. Davis to Jimmy W. Holt, Lot 6C, Block F, Phase I, Magnolia Villa , $86,900

Grant E. Olson to Jimmy W. Holt, Section Two, Lot 24, Block B, Turtle Creek , $81,500

Crowell & Co. Inc. to Barnett Crossing Keystone LLC, Section IV, Lot 10, Block E, Barnett Crossing , $26,000

Antron Thomas, Antron D. Thomas and Lula Thomas to Antron D. Thomas and Lula Thomas, Section III, 2364 Shilo St., Lot 1, Block F, Shilo Terrace

Leontine Johnson to Margaret T. Rouse and Robert Rouse, Section III, 3644 Rome Way, Lot 15, Block J, Barton Village , $58,500

Yellow House Properties LLC to Jessica Hill and Darreayon A. Reed, Section Two, 2924 Nighthawk Drive, Lot 6, Block D, Meadowlark , $81,400

Danny Collins to Reeger Realty Inc., 807 Ann St., Lot 4, Lake Shore Loop Extension , $30,000

Arcadia Venture LLC to John C. Weaver and Shelia T. Weaver, Lot 31, Block C, Phase II, Arcadia , $32,900

John C. Weaver and Shelia T. Weaver to John C. Weaver Homebuilders Inc., Lot 31, Block C, Phase II, Arcadia , $34,900

Ian L. Knight, Karen P. Knight and Karin P. Knight to Eligah Holmes, Section II, Lot 39, Block B, Raintree , $65,900

Betty F. Lester to Michael Chancey and Renee Chancey, Lot 8, Block A, Mount Vernon , $115,000

Choice One Home Builders Inc. to Nathan L. Mudd, Lot C4, Heathers Glen , $160,000

Lisa Michelle Folk and Lisa Michelle Smoak to Patricia Phillips Smoak, 36 Innisbrook Drive, Lot 1, Block G, Innisbrook , $45,000

Jerry Anderson Jr. and Milagros Perez to Darell E. Richarson, Lot 53, on the east side of Hester Street, Plat Book 7T Page 134, 1644 Hester St. , $23,000


Richmond Development Partners LLC and M.S. Tee Tolleson to Donna L. Meisner and George D. Meisner, Unit 3, Building J, Unit No. 1225, 1225 Brookstone Way, Phase I, Brookstone Condo at Raes Creek , $204,100

Belfair Investment Co. LLC to Tyrone B. Gaynor, Section 1, Lot 11, Block C, Belfair Lakes , $115,000

Front Line Homes Inc. to Jaqueline A. Brown, Lot 22, Block M, Walton Acres , $225,000

Steven R. Anderson to Patterson F. Fuselier, Lot 15, Block B, Parkwood Place , $85,500

Barbara Ann Kruger Dahl to Robert Leslie Holmes and Barbara Marshall Holmes, Section 5A, Lot 1, Block J, Waverly , $240,000

Karl W. Kerzie and Vickie D. Kerzie to MDJB Enterprises LLC, Lot 11, Block F, Plat Book 25O Page 294 , $107,000

Calvin Roberts Polen to Solomon G. Varnado, 1910 Dabney Drive, Lot 1, Block K, Sherwood , $20,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States Housing and Urban Development, 6.87 acres, on the south side of Story Drive, Plat Book 16Y Page 104

Robert L. Boggan, Thomas D. Champion, E.L. Crane and John T. Dale to Fairway Property Management & Inves..., 8.825 acres, on the east side of Richmond Hill Road, Plat Book 34L Page 595, 2910 Richmond Hill Road , $3,600,000

Jack R. Nordahl Builders Inc. to Tammy M. Nordahl, Easement, Lot 1, Block A, Wisteria Hill , $148,000

Barbara M. Smith and Fredrick L. Smith Jr. to Janice E. Elmy, Tract 9, Rheney Road, Plat Book R298 Page 1712 , $122,000

Alicia Mikell McGlone and Law enforcement officer Gary McGlone to Elizabeth P. Klemann, Section Four, Lot 2, Block F, Waverly , $246,200

James F. Buird and Julie Nichols Buird to James Harris, Lots 86 through 88, Block B, King Woods , $130,000

Benjamin M. MacDonald and Cheryl R. MacDonald to Jay W. Foster, Section A, Lot 17, Bedford Heights , $84,000

Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Tru... and HSBC Bank USA NA Trustee to Michael P. Jones, Section VI, 1509 Brookstone Road, Lot 22, Block K, Walton Hills , $122,100

Adams Trailer Towing Inc. to Edge Property Management LLC, Half of an acre, 2665 Tobacco Road, Lots 6 through 11, 20, 22 and 25 through 30, Hilltop Annex , $220,000

James V. Cook to Mayreen K. Hardy and Gordon B. Hardy, Section I, Lot 3, Block A, Surrey , $300,000

Gordon B. Hardy Jr. and Maureen K. Hardy to Dorothy J. Glass, Lot 12, Block 27 on the east side of Johns Road, Plat Book 5S Page 394 , $217,000

Lois Grimstead Davis and Walter H. Davis to Gary T. Davis and Teresa A. Davis, 3104 Julia Ave., Lot 42 and part of Lot 43, Howard Park , $76,000

Karen W. Graham and Lawrence A. Graham III to Frances Anthony and Frances A. Anthony, 0.23 of an acre, Parcel C2, Plat Book B694 Page 1094, Easement, 3104 Floyd Drive , $69,900


Anne M. Carr and Anne M. Jones to RMV Augusta Properties LLC, Lot 71, Block D, Kings Woods , $82,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States Housing and Urban Development, 3566 Windermere Drive, Lot 2, Block D, Windermere

Wells Fargo Bank NA to United States Housing and Urban Development, 2149 Alfred Lane, Lot 16 and part of Lot 17, Hillside Addition

Chadwick Bush to Diana Bush, Section 3, Lot 28, Block A, Tanglewood , $105,000

PHH Mortgage Corp. to Glennis G. Davis, Section 1, Lot 7, Block F, Woodlake , $50,000

Bankers Trust Co. Trustee and Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas Trustee to Nikia Hill, Section I, 3537 Windermere Drive, Lot 9, Block C, Windermere , $66,000

National Realty Acceptance Co. LC and Rose Land & Finance Corp. to Betty Ledbetter, Section I, Lots 17 through 19, Block B, Kristin Landing , $13,500

Riverstone Keystone LLC to Robert L. Heggs and Elizabeth Heggs, 3223 Riverstone Drive, Lot 8, Block B, Riverstone , $297,800

Janice D. Jacobs to Brice E. Vickery, 2.18 acres, Plat Book B887 Page 1530, 4690 Mike Padgett Highway , $92,000

Daniel B. Layman and Mary B. Layman to Mark Shealey Ray, Deed recorded at Plat Book B1154 Page 2193, Corrective Warranty Deed, 2004 Summer Valley Way, Lot 2, Block A, Phase One, Summerfield

Mary E. Mims to William M. Mims and Margaret J. Mims, 0.86 of an acre, Plat Book R5 Page 1167, Exception, 2232 Nellie Drive , $10,000

Lashawn A. Merriweather to Maurice King, 1703 Tamarind Way, Lot 4, Block A, Phase Two, Cypress Pointe , $95,000

Ingrid U. Hearn and Paul F> Hearn to Michelle Jones, Lot 37, Block A, Gardenbrook , $80,000


Bear Stearns Backed Securities Trust 200... and Citibank NA Trustee to Tommy Saulsberry and Adrienne Saulsberry, Section VI-A, 3719 Wood Lake Road, Lot 2, Block D2, Woodlake , $58,000

William J. Crosby Builders Inc. to Michael Chon Hunter and Amanda Renae Hunter, 2211 Boykin Road, Lot 6, Block F, Dallas Heights , $125,000

National City Bank and National City Bank of Indiana to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Lot 8A, Phase II, Creek Farms

Thomas Rogers, Thomas R. Rogers and Vanessa Song Rogers to Robert William Robertson, 1.88 acres, Plat Book R578 Page 2409, 3771 Peach Orchard Road , $1,750,000

Kishore K. Desagani and Mahnaz Pezeshpour to Mason Clark, Lot 35, Lillian Place , $129,900

Adams Brothers Properties LLC to Leasa C. Ready, Lot 46, Block C, Rocksbury , $87,500

William P. Stevens Jr. to William P. Stevens III, Section II, 510 Winchester Drive, Lot 19, Block D, Waverly , $150,000

Cadle Tire & Supply Inc., Frances W. Cadle, Joseph L. Cadle and Frances Cadel Normand to Michael D. Johnson, 0.56 of an acre, 1607 and 1661 Barton Chapel Road, Exception , $94,000



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