Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for July 25-Aug. 1. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:



Christine T. Broughton and Eddie H. Broughton to Kelly L. Keller, Lot 14, Block G, on the northeast side of East Vineland Road, Plat Book 17X Page 53, $128,500

Beatriz A. Barrientos to Marie E. Hannans, 2008 Bromley Court, Lot 4, Block B, Spencer Place, $134,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Michael O'Grady Jr., Section I, 2816 Butler Manor Drive, Lot 12, Block L, Pine Place

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Clifton L. O'Bryan, 2507 Coleman Ave., Lot 15, Block A, Fleming Acres

Clarence Johnson to Robin M. Brooks and Clarence Johnson, Lot 23, Block D, Fleming Acres

Neilvia T. Allen to Tiffany C. Kittles, 4213 Beckmont Drive, Lot 4, Beckmont, $74,000

Sandra R. Fowler to Nichole Sanders, Section I, 2705 Fair Oak Court, Lot 17, Block A, Sand Ridge, $100,000

Lakeisha W. Germany to Christopher R. Gunnels and David L. Gunnels, 1216 Hemlock Drive, Lot 52, Jackson Heights, $99,000

Dorothy Wells Kyler to Louis J. Ambroise, Section 2, Lot 33, Block E, Phase I, Quail Ridge, $120,000

James Boardman Wertz and Julie James Wertz to Christy L. Baudoin and Derek P. Baudoin, Lot 11, Block B, Timberridge, $125,000

CSFB Mortgage Pass Through Certificates and U.S. Bank National Association Trustee to C. Murray Williams Living Trust and C. Murray Williams Trust, 3451 Pine Hill St., Lot 3, Block F, Green Forest Village, $45,000

Barry A. Barton and Laura K. Barton to Amy R. Herndon, Section IV, Lot 7, Block L, Montclair, $154,700

DTS Investments Inc. to 2411 Par Drive Land Trust, Section V, Lot 18, Block D, Green Meadows Estates, $121,900

Home Embrace LLC to Rachel Evans, Lot 3, on the north side of Kentucky Avenue, Plat Book R247 Page 1580, $66,000

James F. Beatty and Jodi L. Beatty to Charlene R. Purnell and Larry D. Purnell, Section I, Lot 7, Block C, Salem, $89,000

U.S. Veterans Affairs to Danielle Marie Meyer, Section I, Lot 24, Block A, Sand Ridge

Bank of New York Trustee, CWABS 2004 J and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA Trustee to Sherry T. Barnes, Lot 4, Block C, Butler Manor, $44,200

Carmen Bailey to Detritch Merritt, Lot 5, Block A, Parkwood Place, $78,900

Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp. to Shellyanne M. Richardson, Warranty Deed recorded at Plat Book B904 Page 546, Lot, Plat Book B3 Page 285, 831 D'Antignac St., Corrective Warranty Deed

R.L. Hayes Construction Inc. to Donald R. Bradley and Doris B. Bradley, Lot 3, Block A, Phase I, Walker Hill, $234,900

FAMIC Inc. to Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp., Lot, Plat Book B3 Page 286, 1017 Summer St., $30,000

Mack Curry to Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp., Lot, Plat Book B3 Page 286, 1019 Summer St., $25,000

Bobby J. Hadden and Miller Dean Hadden to Marvin W. Mobley, Lot 23, Block A, Stevens Woods, $89,900

Gordon A. Grooms to Felicia Louise Estilette, Section 1, Exception, Lots 17 through 19, Block B, Eshleman Estates, $118,000

Susan D. Barrett to Morgan Masten Rutherford, 0.14 of an acre, Plat Book B3 Page 288, $202,000

Joe Hall Home Improvements Inc. to Caron Fluellen Font, Lot 11, New Hope Estates, $242,400

Faye Nadine Woodward to Danyel A. Morgan, Section 2, Lot 27, Summerchase, $115,600

Diane E. Patnode and Richard J. Patnode to Richard J. Patnode and Diane E. Patnode, Section II-A, Lot 20, Block G, Ranch Estates


John D. Griffin and John David Griffin to John Noel Hitchcock and John Harvey Hitchcock, 2405 Dickey Road, Lot 4, Block J, Thomas Woods, $28,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Christy N. Rayburn, 3425 Old Louisville Road, Lot 20, Block D, Silvercrest

Loancare Servicing Center Inc. to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Lot 5, Waddell Pate

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Nayna Mistry, Section II-B, 3713 Oslo Road, Lot 32, Block H, McDuffie Woods

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Jan She and Jin Xiong She, Section 6B, 2604 Spirit Creek Road, Lot 20, Block S, Fairington

Peter Jon Co. LLC and Pierce Hardy Ltd. Partnership to Dennis Brua, 9.76 acres, on the east side of Bobby Jones Expressway, Plat Book B775 Page 1370, Exception, $1,258,700

Billie H. Vaughn to Carlton Vaughn Jr., Building P, Apartment B, 40 Indian Cove Road, Phase VI, Rockbrook Condo

Marvin Marshall to Sardla H. Dunn, Section I, Lot 7, Block C, Southfield, $82,000

Custom Contractors & Associates Inc. and Arthur Marshall to Todd Williams, Section Two, Lot 47, Block A, Spirit Pointe, $355,000

Julie L. Faircloth to Alison Sue Blankenship, Unit 2, Building A, 52 Sunnyvale Lane, Sunnyvale, $87,500

Mary B. LeBlanc and Mary Brown LeBlanc to John Charles O'Neil IV, Section Two, 1106 Northwood Road, Lot 3, Block 10, National Hills, $123,500

Minnie M. Maddox to Horace J. Maddox, Lot 4, Block E, East View

J. Ronald Bennett to Mark E. Peacock, Units 4 and 5, Building C, Wheeler Executive Center Offices Condo, $202,000

Joann Yount Campbell to Cicely D. Dominguez, Section IV, Lot 6, Block A, Burch Grant, $93,900

Front Line Homes Inc. to Elizabeth K. Stringer, Section VII, Lot 16, Block N, Walton Acres, $209,000

Phyllis E. Strickland and Therman M. Strickland to Kane Real Estate Investments Inc., Section One, Lot 1, Block D, Phase One, Wheeler Lake, $110,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Morgan Stanley ABS Capital 1 Inc. Trust 2 to Jerry Horn, Section 1A, 2361 Naples Drive, Lot 56, Block Q, Gordon Woods, $40,500


U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Randal Crook and Laurie Crook, Lot 41, Avenue A/Beman Street, Plat Book 3Y Page 187, 939 Beman St.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Promise Land Community Development, 2314 Prescott Place, Lot 17, Block B, Phase III, Amberlake Estates, $71,200

Mary A. Harrington and Robert B. Harrington to Russell James Burch, Lot 11, Block E, Southlands

Clarence Quarterman to Theresa Moore Trust and 1123 Waltons Trail Trust, Lot 11, Block B, Walton Landing

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Frank Warren and Annette Warren, Lot 1, Block C, Manchester, $228,000

Christina N. Justus, Mark H. Newman, Mark Harold Newman and Steve Edward Newman to Michael Dorn, Section I, 2124 Silverdale Road, Lot 26, West Silverdale, $45,000

Herbert R. Whittle to Claud Jordan Jr., Lot, on the west side of Ridge Road, Plat Book 18C Page 493, 2315 Ridge Road, $45,900

Morgan Masten Rutherford to Richard Woodson Rutherford Jr., Half interest in 0.14 of an acre

Chase Home Finance LLC to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Section I, 3914 Ruth St., Lot 15, Block D, Belair Hills Estates


Geneva A. Stephens to Dorthe Peloquin, Section 1, 3325 Oak Ridge Drive, Lot 13, Block A, Tanglewood, $90,000

Kings Walton Way Apartments LLC to El Ad Traditions of Augusta LLC and El Ad Traditions at Augusta LLC, 13.32 acres, on the northwest corner of Pleasant Home Road and Interstate 20, Exception, Easement, $18,000,000

Mintha Lee Walker to Pearlette Elaine Walker and Mintha Lee Walker, Section II, 2521 Banbury St., Lot 2, Block D, Georgetown South

Christopher J. Stone and Julia L. Stone to Christina K. Bolen, 1921 Dabney Drive, Lot 18, Block H, Sherwood, $60,000

Border Masters Inc. to John N. Bindon Trust, Gwendolyn K. Bindon Trust and John N. and Gwendolyn K. Bindon Family, 0.75 of an acre, Plate Book R580 Page 948, Easement and Exception, $1,211,100

Wells Fargo Bank NA to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Section VII, Lot 40, Block B, Buckhead

Peter A. Franklin Jr. to Deborah K. Lovell and Todd J. Turansky, Lot, Plat Book R240 Page 1519, Lot 5, Block G, Aumond Place, $410,000

Denise Leigh Muse Griffith, C. Dennis Muse, Denise Leigh Muse and Virginia Muse to Melissa McCauley, Section Two, Lot E2, Phase One, Saba Townhouses, $93,200

Riverstone Keystone LLC to Rakesh N. Patel and Jayshree R. Patel, Lot 2, Block A, Riverstone, $218,100

Granite Hill Keystone LLC to Tarshi Herndon, Section One, Lot 3, Block C, Granite Hill, $164,300

Barnett Crossing Keystone LLC to Monique M. Darlington, Section IV, Lot 13, Block E, Barnett Crossing, $211,500

Granite Hill Keystone LLC to Kathy H. Williams and Lou Williams, Section Two, Lot 9, Block D, Granite Hill, $200,000

Kimberly H. Clarke and Mark Christopher Clarke to Robert E. Hoffman and Valerie G. Hoffman, Section Two, Lot 7, Block D, Kings Grant, $23,100

Granite Hill Keystone LLC to Velverlyn P. Bussey, Section One, Lot 47, Block D, Granite Hill, $177,800

Walton Hills Keystone LLC to Sherita Cash and Nathaniel Hilton, Section VII, Lot 58, Block C, Walton Hills, $177,900


Mark Boyd to Donna J. Patterson, 3418 Cannongate Drive, Lot 9, Block B, Cannongate, $88,000

Luke Detchemendy to Al Gunn, 3322 Wheeler Road, Lot 4, Block A, Ravenel, $320,000

Jutco Inc. to Christopher L. Hartfield, 1756 Tamarind Way, Lot 23, Cross Creek Estates, $127,900

George R. Pederson to Rosalina M. Davila, 296 Caldwell Circle, Lot 8, Block C, Phase II, Whitney Place, $125,000

John C. Weaver Homebuilders Inc. to Michael A. Pettis, Lot 7, Block D, Phase II, Arcadia, $259,900

Homeseeker Properties LLC and Carol Horn to Betty W. Judge and Belinda S. Patterson, Section 5A, 3759 Fairington Drive, Lot 27, Block A, Fairington, $97,800

Joseph Darin Floyd to Dionne Shantia Sailor, Lot 38, Village West Villas, $89,500

Frankie J. Howell, James A. Howell and James A. Howell Jr. to Marvin E. Blandin and Coral C. Blandin, Section V, Lot 15, Block J, Windsor Lake, $40,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Portia L. Evans, 2303 Prescott Place, Lot 2, Block B, Phase III, Amberlake Estates

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Stephanny Powell, Section I, 2514 Hastings Drive, Lot 22, Block J, Georgetown Estates

Nancye M. Peel to Alexander Ramos and Patrick A. Duffy, Section Two B, Lot 7, Block C, Westwick, $224,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Ericka P. Hill, Section II-C, 2819 Bennington Drive, Lot 26, Block O, Phase III, Woodlake

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Promise Land Community Development, 2711 Tallow Tree St., Lot 6, Block H, Pepperidge Pointe

Wells Fargo Bank NA and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Lot 17, Block B, Pine Heights Northern

SFJV 2005 LLC to Vera Eve, 1048 Hancock Mill Lane, Lot 13, Block C, Hancock Mill, $55,000

Joseph S. Holladay and James C. Smith to Hertel Holdings LLC, Lot 4, Block 67, Parcel 67, on the west side of 12th Street, Plat Book 30P Page 806; and Tract B, on the west side of 12th S..., $316,000

Raj K. Sharma, Virendra P. Sharma and Virendra Prakeash Sharma to Virendra P. Sharma and Raj K. Sharma, Building B, Lot 6, St. Bart's; and 2035 Saba Drive, Lot E3, Saba Townhouses

James C. Smith to Hertel Holdings LLC, Tract A, on the west side of 12th Street, Plat Book R304 Page 1236, $162,000

H. Harry Bresky to Augusta Care Pregnancy Center Inc., Lot 4 and Part of Lot 3, Block B, Professional Center West, $265,000

LTJ Builders LLC to Daisy Coley and Artie Coley, Section 1, Lot 16, Block B, Cameron, $201,200

Justin C. Bolin to James J. Kelly and Joan B. Kelly, Section 1B, Lot 7, Block G, Butler Manor, $71,900

AUG. 1

Paulla W. Cox and Kenny Watson to Vy A. Nguyen and Thanh V. Le, Part of Lot 59, Reedale, $125,500

Christopher D. Guthrie, Christopher Darryl Aristotle Guthrie, Troy H. Guthrie III, Troy Hancil Guthrie III and Linda A. Woodward to Barry Wheeler and Lisa M. Wheeler, Section I, 805 Mitchell St., Lot 50, Block B, West Hills

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Donald Henley and Cathy Henley, Section 12B, Lot 30, Block I, Cambridge, $169,900

30901 Development Corp. to Earl Thomas and Ernestine Thomas, Lot 241, on the west side of Augusta Avenue, Plat Book 3W Page 150, $91,000

Robert Demello to Robert M. Arthur, Lot, on the north side of Ellis Street, Plat Book B3 Page 290, 247 Ellis St., $40,000

Robert Demello to Robert M. Arthur, Lot, on the north side of Greene Street, Plat Book B3 Page 291, 341 Greene St., Exception, $179,900

Paulla W. Cox to Vy A. Nguyen and Thanh V. Le, Lot, on the east side of Richmond Hill Road, Plat Book 28X Page 355, $20,000

Joyce Elaine Hatney, Joyce W. Hatney and Samuel Wright to Jacquelyn H. Wells and Bryson Wells, 1.249 acres, Tract A, Plat Book R67 Page 2149, $90,000

Sarah Wright and Sarah G. Wright to Bryson Wells and Jacquelyn H. Wells, 1.249 acres, Tract A, Plat Book R67 Page 2149

Otis F. Askin to Donald B. Purkey and Peggy V. Purkey, Lot 24, Block C, Scotty Estates, $19,900

Barbara B. McKettrick to Brandon W. Whitworth, Steven R. Whitworth and Sterling C. Whitworth, Lot 22, Block Y, King Estates, $114,500

KPA Inc. to Cynthia D. Tilghman, 34.51 acres, Plat Book B1 Page 360, $123,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Emma J. King, Section 2B, 3708 Tripoli Court, Lot 36, Block H, McDuffie Woods

OFA Investments Inc. to Cynthia D. Tilghman, Lot 1, Carole Estates, $130,000

Keith Barrett to Valerie Barrett, Lot 19, Block B, Elderberry

NNN Century Hills LLC and Triple Net Properties LLC to to NNN Century Hills 1 LLC, NNN Century Hills 2 LLC, NNN Century Hills 3 LLC, NNN Century Hills 4 LLC, NNN Century Hills 5 LLC, NNN Century Hills 6 LLC, NNN Century Hills 7 LLC, NNN Century Hills 8 LLC, NNN Century Hills 9 LLC, NNN Century Hills 10 LLC, NNN Century Hills 11 LLC, NNN Century Hills 12 LLC, NNN Century Hills 13 LLC, NNN Century Hills 14 LLC, NNN Century Hills 15 LLC, NNN Century Hills 16 LLC, NNN Century Hills 17 LLC and NNN Century Hills 18 LLC, 16.79 acres, on the northwest corner of Carriage Creek and Alexander drives, Exception, $15,018,600

Carolyn Clark to Joseph W. Leonard and Bonnie W. Given, Section Three, Lot 2, Block E, Conifer Place, $339,900

John William Blodgett to Rick A. Voss and Nicholas G. Voss, 0.78 of an acre, Plat Book 30E Page 872, Easement, $45,000

H.D. Fuller Jr. to Taylor Family Ltd. Partnership, 3.15 acres, Tract A, on the south side of Washington Road, Plat Book B3 Page 292, 3212 Washington Road, $1,640,000

James T. Garren to Joon H. So, Lot 4, on the south side of Primrose Street/McLeod Avenue, Plat Book 8A Page 252, $95,000

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Stephen G. Pierce, Lot 2, Block D, Pinehurst, $136,900

Sealey Properties LLC and Arif Sealey to Colin Tempro, Section I, Lot 9, Block C, Tanglewood, $89,900

Wells Fargo Financial Georgia Inc. to Jamey L. Stewart and Jamey Stewart, Section One, 3121 Greensboro Way, Lot 17, Block B, Buckhead, $102,500

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Christine S. McGee, Lot 12, Block B, Dallas Heights, $130,500

Andrew Davis III and Nikita R. Davis to Gilbert Holland and Shirley Holland, Lot 5, Block C, Storey Mill Estates, $169,900

Herbert A. Bing, Lori A. Bing and Lori A. Woods to Edith Harris, 2826 Fairmont St., Lot 27, Block P, Thomas Woods, $40,000