Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for July 17-24. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:



Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co. to Michael James Thurman, Lot, on the east side of First Street, 310 First St., and Lot 182, Plat Book 34L Page 307, 933 Murphy St., $30,000

Michael W. Trapp to Craig S. Bonesteel and Paula M. Bonesteel, Section 1C, Lot 10B, Block D, Goshen Retreat, $133,000

Frances S. Hall and Leonard Hall to Charles V. Martin III, Section III, 4005 Whispering Pines Drive, Lot 5, Block D, Goshen Plantation, $117,000

Michael E. Davis to Caroline V. Cone, Section I, 4096 Old Waynesboro Road, Lot 9, Block A, Goshen Plantation, $98,000

Paramount Realty & Homes Inc. to Kerry L. Robelotto, Lot 5, Block L, Phase II, Reserves, $139,900

First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2004 and Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee to Eric Y. Petdan, Section 1A, Lot 21, Block P, Gordon Woods, $56,000

Joseph L. Cadle to David R. Jenkins Jr., 2818 Royal St., Lot 9, Block E, Wheeler Heights, $63,200

Robert L. Gosey to Stephen Kenneth Stephens and Mindy Stephens, Lot, on the northwest corner of Tuttle Street and Beattie Lane, Plat Book R-636 Page 2317, 707 Tuttle St., $85,500

Jennifer K. Johnson and Nicholas D. Johnson to Michael T. Hudock and Amanda M. Hudock, 856 Wimbledon Drive, Lot A, Block II, Forest Hills Racquet Club, $105,000

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Joseph P. Kanzleiter, 2033 Glennfield Lane, Lot 27, Helena Woods

Joseph David Brown Jr., Joyce Brown, Joyce T. Brown, Julia Elizabeth Brown and Robert Keith Brown to John W. Williams, 2015 Nanmart Court, Lot 12, Block B, Windsor Spring Estates, $72,500

Tidewater Properties LLC to Christopher M. Zorzi and Laura L. Zorzi, Section II, 4909 Cannon Court, Lot 14, Block A, Chase Estates, $79,000

J. Porter Adams Construction Co. to Cody Schetrompf, Lot 43, Cross Creek Estates, $128,900

Ted H. Henry to Michelle L. Lockhart and Rick M. Lockhart, 11.07 acres, Plat Book R435 Page 2278; 100.98 acres, Exception; 5.86 acres, Clark Road; and 15 a..., $425,000

R.L. Hayes Construction Inc. to Christina Lynn Anderson, Lot 145, Block E, Phase I, Aylesbury Commons, $164,900

Reginald V. Brown to David E. Greenfield, Lot, on the north side of Central Avenue, Plat Book R426 Page 1709, 2011 Central Ave., $54,900

Karen S. McCready to Mun H. Chon and Chong S. Chon, Lot 4, Block C, Devereux, $144,900

Marion T. Carroll to Clarence L. Johnson IV, 2.62 acres, Parcel 5, Plat Book R530 Page 859, $20,000

Steven M. Thompson to Janet Thompson, Section 1, Lot 4, Block B, Woodlake, $92,900


Indymac Bank FSB to TCM Investments LLC, Lot 99, Block B, McNutt Acres, $24,900

Tamra Fulmer and Project Quest Inc. to Promise Land Community Development, Lots 1 through 8, Tract B, Gordon Woods, $160,000

Melissa Gaye Stoltzfus and Wayne L. Stoltzfus to Evan Sussenbach, Section I, Lot 8, Block E, Forest Estates, $92,000

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Kennetta R. Nelson, Section 14, Lot 12, Block H, Cambridge, $148,400

Lakshmi Digumarth, Hanumantharao Digumarthi and Lakshmi Digumarthi to Christine E. Lafauci, Lot 2, Block C, Bertram Village, $116,000

Herbert Homes Inc. to Christine Miller Irwin and Nichols A. Irwin, Lot 20, Walden Place, $101,900

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Robert Mills, Jennifer Chamblee and Diana Mills, 3612 Mount View Drive, Lot 35, Tullocks Hill

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Elneta Steadman, 2410 Pennyhills Drive, Lot 4, Block C, Lombard Acres

Charles W. Robertson, Edna D. Robertson and Edna W. Wilkerson to Edward D. Owsiany and Jamie R. Owsiany, Section Three, Lot 7, Block L, Brookfield West, $145,000

MCC Inc. to McKnight Properties Inc., 11.07 acres, Lot 3, Plat Book R25 Page 2442, Exception, $233,600

MCC Inc. to McKnight Properties Inc., 1 acre, Plat Book R65 Page 1096, $27,400

Rebecca Bussey to Clarence D. Thomas, 14.07 acres, Parcel A, 4199 Powell Mill Road, $80,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Section 15, 3368 Monte Carlo Drive, Lot 19A, Block C, Phase II, Pepperidge

Christopher S. Horton and Kymberly W. Horton to Roshanna R. Hehl and Christopher R. Hehl, 2944 Keysville Road, Lot 2, Phase 1, Creek Farms, $149,000

David W. Mulder to Amanda M. Garman, Section II, Lot 18, Block E, Central Avenue, $84,000

Diane V.G. Barrett to John E. Price, Lot 11, Kirk Place First Addition, $230,000

P.J. Gregory and Paul J. Gregory to Dennis C. Allen and Susan A. Allen, Section 3B, Lot 1, Block S, Brynwood, $170,000

Edwin K. Jenckes to Tony Holley, 2933 Pointewest Drive, Lot 12, Block A, Phase I, Pointe West, $142,000

Ellison E. Croft, Carolina A. Killens, Caroline A. Killens, Ellison E. Killens and John D. Killens to Daniel W. Muchnick, 341 Alex Lane, Lot 1, Townhomes of Alexander, $126,000


James J. Crawford Jr. and Joan C. Seay to Frances Cobb and Demona M. Cobb, Lot 7, on the southeast side of Barbara Road, Plat Book 13K Page 550, 306 Barbara Road, $50,000

Frederick W. Layman Sr. to Emilie Helwig and Mark P. Halvorsen, 225 Caldwell Circle, Lot 11, Block A, Phase I, Whitney Place, $95,000

Donald C. Hancock and Finetta G. Hancock to Hancock Family Living Trust dated S..., 1624 Pendleton Road, Lots 34 through 36, Block C, Pendleton Road

Concord Hill Investments LLLP, G. Huxley Nixon Jr. and N. Alexander Nixon to B&C Southeast LLC, 11.4 acres, Plat Book R241 Page 1368, $4,110

Hemraj Maharaj to Tyson Omar Riley, Section Three-B, 2114 Vail Drive, Lot 5, Block R, Pepperidge, $105,500

Paramount Realty & Homes Inc. to Mahmood S. Eisa, Parcel L, Lot 8, Phase II, Reserves, $145,500

Loancare Servicing Center to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, 1238 Alden Drive, Lot 60, Phase II, Lewis Acres

Chase Home Finance LLC to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Lot, on the east side of Wheeless Road, Plat Book R111 Page 2057, 2370 Wheeless Road

Anthony Y. Sealey to Barry B. Davis, Lot 3, Block E, New Belmont, $46,000

Noel Cartagena to Shirley M. Cartagena and Noel Cartagena, 248 Church St., Lot 16, Church Street

Louise Marie Heath to William Cherry Jr. and Sara K. Cherry, Lot 23, Block I, Terrace Manor, $24,000

Bankers Trust Co. of California NA Truste... and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trustee to Michael D. Harden, Section II, Lot 20, Block B, Kings Grant, $33,000

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Bellinger P. Moody and Tomika G. Moody, Section 1, Lot 4, Block A, Phase 1, Manchester, $210,900

Ken Miguel Hughes to Jody L. Davis and Jeffrey S. Davis, 1.01 acres, Lot 2, Plat Book R158 Page 401, 2472 Tobacco Road, $87,000

Drea Lee May, Isabel Youngblood Seeley, Mae Y. Vanhorn and Ronald Tony Vanhorn to Denise Dallas, Building K, Lots 43 and 43A, Nevis, $102,900


Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to David M. Koontz, Lot 35, on the north side of Hicks Street, Plat Book 16Q Page 332, 1843 Hicks St.

John M.B. Lewis IV to Susan D. Conger, 1 acre, Plat Book 25D Page 370, $280,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to DDS International LLC, 4218 Beckmont Drive, Lot 19, Block A, Beckmont

Mary Abarca and Aurora Loan Services LLC to Evelyn Rivera, Section One, Lot 5, Block B, Windsor Lake, $9,000

Mason H. McKnight III and William D. McKnight to McKnight Properties Inc., 5.72 acres, Plat Book B2 Page 599, 841 Frontage Road; and 6.4 acres, Parcel 3, Plat Book B2 ..., $366,600

Alvin A. Crawford and Janice K. Crawford to George J. Weber and George Weber, Section 3, 3040 Scenic Drive, Lot 11, Block C, Westfields, $70,000

Niki L. Pierce to Erin A. Simmons and James H. Simmons, Unit, Building B, 801 Monte Sano Ave., Summer Place Condo, $55,000

Ralph W. Holt to Marsha Ann Stack, Section Two, 5019 Wheeler Lake Road, Lot 1, Block E, Phase One, Wheeler Lake, $91,500

Bobbie E. Salman and Erik C. Salman to Michael T. Gibson, Section 3F, 4115 Wandering Way, Lot 21, Block I, Woodvalley Estates, $88,000

Wachovia Bank National Association to First Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Inc., Lot, Plat Book R264 Page 395, 3602 Walton Way Extension, Exception, $2,250,000

Value Builders Inc. to Darryl L. Brown, Lot 24, Block B, Hamptons, $177,000

John Gore to Beams Contracting Inc., 5.5 acres, Plat Book B3 Page 275, $30,000

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Shelia Gilbert, 11, Lot 13, Block I, Cambridge, $137,900

Homecomings Financial LLC to Ambra Turner Jr., Section 3D, Lot 24, Block L, Woodvalley Estates, $60,500

Front Line Homes Inc. to Gary Breazeale and India R. Breazeake, Section VII, Lot 35, Block C, Walton Hills, $166,500

William E. Barfield III to Paul J. Gregory, Lot, on the south side of Walton Way Extension, Plat Book 17P Page 293, 3006 Walton Way Extension, $192,500

James Long and James L. Long to Kathy I. Woodruff, Lot 23, Block A, Fruitland Estates, $26,900

Victoria Krepps Terrell to Truman Woo, Lot, on the south side of Harold Road, Plat Book 15C Page 217, $50,000

Ulysses Price to Evelyn Green, 2828 April Drive, Lot 8, Block A, Gordon Lake Mobile Home, $25,000


Devereux, Keystone LLC to Nigal C. Reid and Renee W. Hopkins Reid, Lot 3, Block Q, Devereux, $124,000

Deidre Jane Jackson to Jonathan C. Ross Sr., Section III-B, Lot 63, Block G, Breeze Hill Plantation, $126,700

Riverstone Keystone LLC to Nasim Sohial, Nasim Sohail, Syed A. Sohial and Syed A. Sohail, Lot 5, Block A, Riverstone, $224,100

Malissa Collins, Melissa Collins, McKie Collins and McKie M. Collins to Lonnie M. Pledger Sr., Section II, Lot 8, Block C, Buckhead, $164,900

Riverstone Keystone LLC to Marilyn G. Vergara and Errol J. Vergara Jr., Lot 10, Block B, Riverstone, $207,000

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Corey Smith, Section One, Lot 47, Block C, Pine Place

U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Pascal D. Mansell, Section 1B, Lot 13, Block G, Butler Manor

Russell L. Mullins and Charles E. Pitcher to Joseph Kirkland May, Lot 19, Block A, Deer Trail Estates, $20,000

Gloria K. Manfredi and Gloria M. Smith to Gloria M. Smith and David J. Smith, Deed recorded at Plat Book B1113 Page 1034, Corrective Survivorship Deed, 1546 S. Atlantic Drive, Lot 6 and part of Lot 7, Block B, South Atlantic

Stacy R. Wig to Jack Alex Bell III, Section Three-B, Lot 1, Block L, Phase One, St. Georges Townhouses, $107,000

Thelma W. Archer to William Franklin Garvin, Peggy Garvin, Paul Pearman and Michele Pearman, Lots 5 and 6 and part of Lot 4, Block G, Lakemont, $140,000

Monica R. Kelly to Bushara Reeves and Paul W. Reeves, Section II, Lot 39, Block D, Valley Park, $103,000

Richard Wayne Allen to Hope House Inc., 5.22 acres, Plat Book B3 Page 278, Easements, $395,000

Vintson Construction Co. Inc. to Suzanne B. Robb, Lot 4B, Phase I, Mayo Townhomes, $177,000

James R. Hall, Suzanne Hall and Suzanne P. Hall to Sydney L. Skinner and Harmon L. Skinner, 4133 Burning Tree Lane, Lot 15, Block C, Phase I; and and part of Lot 16, Block C, Phase Two, Woodlands of Goshen, $156,900

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Associ..., Section One, 2827 Conniston Drive, Lot 18, Block L, Pine Place

Barbara Anderson, Brenda B. Grimstead and Brena B. Mills to Ming Guang Li and Bi Lian Huang, 1819 McDowell St., Lot 4, Block D, Central Avenue No. 2, $90,000

BKI LLC to Jennifer Swartz, Section III, Lot 8, Block D, Oklahoma Hills, $86,900

Lois Stevie Barrow Tippins to Harmony A. Prestifilippo, Section A, 2916 Rocky Creek Road, Lot 14, Dogwood Estates, $80,000


Richard A. Brothers and Suk C. Brothers to Michael Lowery, Section IV, Lot 18, Block F, Walton Hills, $159,900

Barlow & Associates Inc. to Chae S. Grover, Lot 4, Skinner Mill Place, $341,000

Andrew J. Sarakaitis to James D. Copeland and Catherine Copeland, 2410 Mohican Road, Lot 6, Block C, Vineland, $155,500

Angela Neglia to Foust Family Ltd. Partnership, 1909 Central Ave., Lot 158, Summerville Terrace, $147,000

Richard L. Horton to Mark S. Donahue, 1.26 acres, Tract C, Plat Book B2 Page 310, 3066 Damascus Road, $122,500

Shanta A. Kopay to Kristen Srewart, Unit B, Block XXXIV, Plat Book R111 Page 62, 429 Forest Hills Drive, $50,000

Letty Jean Peterson, Tom A. Peterson IV and Letty Jean Revell to Julia F. Heyman and William Scott Heyman, 2230 Glendale Road, Lot 8, Block I, Country Club Hills, $165,000

Beverly F. Moreau to Ruth W. Sharpton, Ruth A. Sharpton and Bennie R. Sharpton, Unit 1412, 1412 Colony Place Drive, Colony Place Condo, $59,500

Imogene H. Douglas Worrell to Brian B. Coleman and Elizabeth H. Prince Coleman, 2112 Providence Drive, Lot 12, Block C, Highland Park, $86,500

Benjamin Parrish, Benjamin R. Parrish, Heather Parrish and Heather L. Parrish to Sara E. Williamson, Section II, 1716 Lawrence Road, Lot 6, Lancaster, $99,900

Ronald M. Masters to Christopher T. Masters, Building E, 61 Tiburon Trail, Lot 4, Tiburon

Varnado & Associates Inc. to Alberto P. Padilla Perez and Michelle L. Baptiste Perez, Section II, 2707 Smith Drive, Lot 5, Block W, Butler Estates, $30,000

Mary Parham to William Autry and Paula Autry, Lot 6, Block A, Long Leaf Ranch Estates

James T. Booker to Frank Neer, 2541 Rhodes Drive, Lot 111, Richmond Gardens Second Addition, $27,000

Irvin William Richardson to Henry E. Bishop Sr., Section 2, 2031 Brighton Circle, Lot 6, Block A, Bloomingdale, $35,000

Stephen H. Steinberg and William E. Walker III to Rachel K. Spurrier and Michael R. Spurrier, Lot 5, Block D, Plat Book 10Q Page 529, 1802 Central Ave., $40,000

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Darryl Lawrence Williams and Annette Williams, Section One, Lot 9, Block B, Phase One, Manchester, $209,900

Belinda H. Walton and Terry J. Walton to Anshani J. Wallace, 2928 Whistler Lane, Lot 6, Block D, Richmond Hills, $58,500

Icarus Investments Inc. to Verified Brick & Clay Co., 5.253 acres, Plat Book R7 Page 1034, Easements; and 14.95 acres, Plat Book R33 Page 2424, Easement, $65,000


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