Brakes manufacturer returns

They'll soon be making brake parts again in the old Wheland Foundry facility in Warrenton.


By the end of April, Michigan-based TRW Automotive should have 40 employees hired to re-start the facility, company spokesman Manley Ford said.

Mr. Ford said its Kelsey-Hayes division will use the 135,000-square-foot facility to make brake rotor castings.

Mr. Ford said the facility should employ 200 people by the end of the year, with 30 of those being salaried positions. The parts TRW will make had been supplied by other companies in the past.

"We're insourcing materials that we bought from outside suppliers. We made the decision to bring this back in-house," Mr. Ford said.

Mr. Ford said the facility was chosen because it had the kind of equipment needed for making brake parts.

Wheland Automotive Industries made brake parts at 975 Thomson Highway from 1995 until it closed the facility in March 2006.

Mr. Ford said the facility was attractive also because of the available worker pool, proximity to other auto parts suppliers and a "community that wanted us."

Mr. Ford said the company received 350 applications during a job fair last week.

The employment there will be ramped up over time, he said. The only work being done now is cleaning and equipment moving.

TRW supplies 40 vehicle manufacturers with parts.

The company has 63,000 employees worldwide.

"We're happy to be back in Georgia," he said.

TRW at one time owned a cutting tools facility in Evans, which is now owned by Kennametal Inc.

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