Buy today or be blue

If your Super Bowl revelry usually includes tipping the bottle or putting back a few, today is your last chance to stock up.


Otherwise, you could find yourself getting hit with a case of Georgia's Super Sunday blues.

State blue laws that prohibit package beer and wine sales on Sunday regularly scrub the party plans of the few looking to lift their spirits one more time before the work week begins.

But with the Super Bowl ranking as a favorite occasion for beer drinkers each year, there will be plenty around the state disappointed once the tap starts gurgling and runs dry.

The blue laws - which critics say are outdated - have been in the spotlight this year in particular because of a state legislative proposal to roll back the prohibitions or at least give local communities the option to vote on it.

During an interview on an Atlanta radio station recently, Gov. Sonny Perdue, an opponent of the bill, provided a simple solution for those frustrated by dry Sundays: plan ahead.

Locally, that didn't appear to be happening this week.

Augusta alcohol retailers haven't seen a big rush on kegs, bottles or cans, which could mean a hectic day for many of them if customers show up in droves.

A supervisor at Southern Beverage, a local distributor, said it has been business as usual for the championship game between the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts.

"If it was the Atlanta Falcons, it might be different," Bubba Sitler said.

Billy Roberts, the manager at Summerville Ace in Augusta, said he has seen a slight increase in business. Mostly, it was customers coming in to pick up a bottle of bourbon, he said.

"The weather is cold, and bourbon is a soothing and warm drink," he said.

At Harvard Wine and Beverage Store in Martinez, it was top-shelf vodkas such as Grey Goose, store attendant Suzette Eldridge said.

"I just think they're trying to get there fast," she said.

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Percentage of annual beer sales during major holidays and events:

Fourth of July.........7.5 percent

Memorial Day.........6.8 percent

Labor Day.........6.6 percent

Christmas.........6.0 percent

Thanksgiving.........5.6 percent

Easter.........5.3 percent

Super Bowl.........5.2 percent

Source: ACNielsen



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