Father joined by son in local law office

It’s a recent phenomenon. Calling Nicholson and Revell and asking for Sam will now get a return question: “Which one?”


Young Sam will get you George Sam Nicholson, who was a district attorney for two years until leaving prosecution to join his father, Sam Nicholson, a month ago in the law practice on Columbia Road in Martinez.

Father and son share a love of law and of politics, too. The elder Nicholson spent a term in the Georgia Legis­lature in the 1980s and has been assisting local campaigns for decades. The junior Nicholson, 29, already has his feet wet in Georgia politics by assisting campaigns in the Atlanta area during law school.

Sam Nicholson went into practice with Harry Revell in 2004, and they work in consumer protection, injury and wrongful death. His career as an attorney was “preordained” by his father, George, who died while he was in law school in the 1970s.

“I noticed how appreciative people were for what he did, and that always appealed to me,” he said.

There have been Nichol­sons in the legal profession since 1932.

The third generation was also anticipated to become a lawyer, having grown up around his father and uncle in the profession.

Sharing a name with his grandfather, the younger Nicholson said he would be told tales of his grandfather from people he’s never met while attending to cases at the courthouse.

“I’ve got to uphold the name,” he said. He has two sisters who didn’t join the legal profession.

George Sam Nicholson is an employee of the firm, which places some stress on his father to treat him as any other employee.

“We have a pretty good relationship outside of work. We talk a lot. But I’m an employee here and I stay in my office and do my work like I’m supposed to do,” George Sam said.

Office hours don’t dictate the extent of the normal work day.

“It’s on your mind 24-7, I’ll say that,” the younger Nicholson said. Work is about 10 hours a day.

Law is a profession that doesn’t really require retirement. Sam said he’s as busy now as he’s ever been and plans to cut back in years down the road.

A fourth generation? It is possible. George Sam’s son will be born next month.

The pastime outside of the office is golf. The younger Nichol­son played on the varsity team for Virginia Tech during college.

The other pastime is politics. George Nicholson was in the Legislature in 1943 and 1944. Sam Nicholson served in 1981 and 1982.

“I threatened to go back, but the circumstances were different,” Sam Nicholson said. “When I looked at running again, I had two small children and just bought a new house,”

George Sam’s efforts in politics involved being a field coordinator for Roy Barnes’ campaign for governor. He also served as an intern in the Georgia House and Senate.

“What dad was alluding to, it is all about timing. To be a candidate and go in that direction is time consuming,” George Sam said. So the junior Nicholson is not interested in running for office right now.


Mon, 08/21/2017 - 20:30

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