The Pinch: Tips for paying off student loan debt

Many recent college graduates are entering a new chapter of their lives with student loan deb. It’s important to establish a strategy for paying it off.


These tips from Jeff Fehrman, the president of Fehrman Investment Group, are useful for new graduates and most people with student loan debt:

• Look at your student loan interest rates. If the interest rate is low, and you have credit card debt, concentrate on paying off your credit card bills first.

Either defer your student loans or pay the minimum amount while you focus your efforts on eliminating credit card debt, because this interest rate is usually higher, Fehrman said.

• Build up your emergency fund, while still making your student loan payments.

• If you have a job and your employer offers a 401(k) match, try to contribute at least the minimum amount to your 401(k) that is required to get the full employer match, Fehrman said.

Continue to pay your student loans.

• If you’re not working, try to defer your student loans until you have steady income.



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