Shopgirl: Financial app; combat boots; The Accidentals

The University of Georgia Accidentals will perform at Tuesday's Music Live on Dec. 4 at St. Paul's Church. The music starts at noon. Reservations are needed for lunch.



LearnVest, an iPhone and Web app by 28-year-old Alexa von Tobel, is a great way to keep your financial goals in sight this holiday season as you shop, shop, shop.

There are many budgeting and spending apps, but what makes LearnVest unique is the subscription-based consulting and advice from certified financial planners. For $349 annually, you can have a personal CFP on tap anytime you get worried about your 401(k), savings account – or even if you’re getting overwhelmed by bad spending habits.

LearnVest has the same free money-tracking and budgeting tools as a lot of apps such as Mint, but this affordable financial planning makes it “a full product set for the 99 percent,” von Tobel said.


Combat boots, the staple of our men and women in uniform andcool girls in the 1990s, are making a comeback as a way to add some edge to otherwise sweet looks.

If you want to shell out a medium-size amount of cash, Steve Madden is a great place to get some boots between $100 and $200 that won’t fall apart the first time you wear them but also won’t break the bank. Their Jaax boot is $129 and has a cute sock border on the top, but with a sturdy heel and lace-up vamp. Steve Madden’s Tarnney boot is $150, and has metal detailing that gives it even more of an edge while still staying relatively muted.

Charlotte Russe has a few styles that run below $50 and have those same details.

The plaid-lined zip combat boots are classic, but still on trend.


The University of Georgia Accidentals are coming to town, one of the best concerts all year in the Tuesday’s Music Live series.

Tuesday’s Music Live is a free concert series held at historic St. Paul’s Church in downtown Augusta, and has featured acts ranging from the Russian and Slovak music of Via Romen to Irish fiddler Kevin Burke.

The Accidentals are an a cappella group from UGA, and have been a Tuesday’s Music Live holiday tradition for years.

They will be in town Dec. 4 for the Roger Denning Holiday Concert, and you won’t want to miss it. Music starts at noon, and reservations are available for a catered lunch immediately following the concert. Visit for more information.