Cindy's Catering owner retiring to be personal chef

Cindy Crawford, owner of Cindy's Catering on Washington Road, will retire from the catering business.

After 13 years in business, Cindy Crawford is retiring and selling her catering business, Cindy’s Catering on Washington Road, but she’ll still be at work in the kitchen.


Crawford said that she is retiring at the end of the year, mostly for health reasons. She also wants to get back to doing what she loves the most, which is cooking, she said.

The business owner has battled a rare form of adrenal cancer, metastatic pheochromocytoma, since 1989, which has made it challenging for her to have the energy for both cooking and running the business. Because she had skilled cooks, she focused on handling the paperwork and other day-to-day operations instead.

“I’m very excited about retiring. I’m going to do some personal chef work, and I’m hoping to write a cook book. I’m looking forward to...hopefully being able to do some volunteer work that I really want to do now, and I just never have the time,” Crawford said.

She also wants to educate people about the physiological effects of different foods on their bodies and how to eat healthy, she said.

Crawford has a buyer that will take over the business by the end of the year. The new owner will change the name of the business, but will keep the same menu and all of the current staff, she said.

Crawford said that she will retain the name “Cindy’s Catering” for her personal chef work.

“It’s been a great business. It’s grown every year and continues to do very well. I hope it will be as successful for them as it has been for me,” Crawford said.