Businessman's book offers tips on staying competitive

Augusta businessman Randy Hatcher has written a book to help local companies survive and remain competitive in the future.


The president of MAU Workforce Solutions released The Birth of a New Workforce one week before Thanksgiving, sharing his view that companies of the future will survive and flourish through partnerships. He also writes that if businesses do not continue to reinvent themselves, they will fail.

Hatcher said that since he joined his father's staffing company in 1978, he has never seen a financial crisis like the one the nation has faced in recent years. One theme in his book is "to never waste a crisis."

"That would be the biggest mistake that anybody could make to have gone through all of this pain and not do anything differently," Hatcher said.

In The Birth of a New Workforce, he introduces a new work force model in which companies focus on their core function -- the main reason they're in business -- and allow third party specialists to manage the rest.

"There is an opportunity for companies to reallocate their resources in time and money," he said.

Hatcher came up with the idea of writing a book a year ago during a meeting with business associates.

"I was telling them, we work with some of the best companies in the world. We've got all these stories about how we helped them improve their business and be more competitive. And I thought, I'm frustrated because I can't seem to get these stories high enough up into companies where senior executives could hear the story," Hatcher said.

The book can be purchased online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It will soon also be available on the iPad and eReaders, such as Kindle, Nook and Google.