Augusta State student runs two businesses

Josh McDaniel didn't wait for his business management degree to go into business.


The Augusta State University junior already runs two businesses. He even handles his own accounting.

The 21-year-old owns Junk in the Box, a junk removal service he started in January. Two years ago, he started a window cleaning business, J & W Cleaning. He has inspired some of his friends to start their own businesses, and they frequently ask him for advice, he said.

Mr. McDaniel said his father has encouraged him since high school to start his own business.

"Halfway through my senior year, it clicked with me. He's my inspiration. I learned everything in business from him," Mr. McDaniel said about his father, who owned a small business.

He credits his father with the Junk in the Box idea.

"He had talked about doing something like that for many years. I also saw a company that came in town that did what I wanted to do, and they left. There wasn't anybody else in town to do it, so I thought I should," he said.

Mr. McDaniel doesn't have full-time employees.

"A lot of jobs, I can do by myself. If I've got several jobs throughout the day, I'll get temporary help through a temp service. Since I'm in college, I try to help a lot of college people out," he said.

At J & W Cleaning, a local businessman who provides labor is his partner, and they split sales.

"I've got roughly 41 or 42 accounts, so that's pretty good," he said.

Junk in the Box offers full- or self-service. For full-service, the company hauls away items from a person's home. They are charged based on volume, he said. For self-service, he drops off a trailer to fill with items to discard for $160 to $200.

The company hauls appliances, toys, furniture, carpet and construction debris. The company can't accept hazardous materials, including medical or biological waste, tires or oil-based paint.

It will bring items to Goodwill and mail the customer a donation receipt. It also provides furniture delivery and junk car removal services.

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Here are the business career aspirations of college freshmen surveyed by the Cooperative Institutional Research program in 2008:

Executive (management): 7.5 percent

Owner or proprietor: 3.3 percent

Salesperson or buyer: 0.9 percent

Accountant or actuary: 2.4 percent

Total business: 14.1 percent

Source: Trends in Business Interest Among U.S. College Students, 2009 study from the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation