'Dirty Jobs' show comes to Martinez cricket farm

See an overview of cricket farm, cricket poo and meal worm operations at Ghann's Cricket Farm in Martinez.

Ghann's Cricket Farm Inc. in Martinez is heading to the small screen.


The business will be featured in an episode of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.

The cable network hasn't set a date for the episode to air. New episodes of Dirty Jobs return in October, according to a Discovery Channel media representative.

Dirty Jobs, with host Mike Rowe, is a series that profiles American workers who earn a living in unusual ways.

Camera crews arrived June 30 and followed owner Clay Ghann and his staff as they performed daily routine tasks. Ghann's Cricket Farm grows crickets of different sizes as live food for reptiles.

"They wanted it to be a regular day in the life of a cricket farmer. I guess there were a dozen different tasks that we would perform. Mike Rowe would watch one of my people do it, and then we would explain what we were doing and why we were doing it," Mr. Ghann said.

Then Mr. Rowe would attempt the task on his own. The routine jobs included collecting eggs; measuring a certain volume of baby crickets and dispensing them into bins to grow until ready for sale; and loading them in boxes for shipping.

Ghann's Cricket Farm produces five or six tons of "cricket poo" each week, which customers buy in bulk.

Mr. Rowe shoveled and smoothed the waste in the back of a dump truck so that it could be measured and priced for customers, Mr. Ghann said.

"It's a great organic fertilizer. That's one of the most interesting things from their perspective -- that one of our byproducts is also quite a viable product on its own," he said.

A customer recommended the business for the show. Mr. Ghann was contacted in December, but he had to keep the filming date confidential.

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