ASU economist accepts job at Texas Tech

Augusta State University's economist is returning to his alma matter in Texas in August.


Mark Thompson, the Cree-Walker chairman of business administration at Augusta State University's Hull College of Business, said that he has accepted an associate professor position in health organization management at Texas Tech University.

"It was a tough decision. It's something that came late in the year, but a great opportunity personally and professionally," Dr. Thompson said.

He said the opportunity came unexpectedly when Texas Tech, where he earned his doctorate degree, contacted him about the position.

"It ties in a lot of the research I've done in health care markets. They also want me to continue the outreach activities with the medical community in Lubbock, which is very similar to Augusta with MCG," he said. "It will be very comparable to the community outreach activities that I've done here, but a little more specific to the medical community."

He will remain at ASU through Aug. 3, after traveling abroad with students to Ecuador. His contract with Texas Tech begins Sept. 1.

"It was tough, a lot of mixed feelings," Dr. Thompson said. "Augusta has treated me well. ASU has treated me wonderfully, and I've enjoyed my time here and the things that I've done. It just happens to be an opportunity too good to say no to."

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