Eateries combine; hours now full time

Glen Brinson now has one full-time restaurant in downtown Augusta.


The restaurateur and his wife, Cassandra, had two locations in downtown Augusta: Cafe 209 at 215 10th St. and 209 Music Lounge on the River at 4 Eighth St. Their businesses took a major hit when customers cut back on eating out as the recession began.

"Paying rent in two spots, light bills and gas bills can become expensive. At one time, business was pretty much cut in half, so I had to make a decision," Mr. Brinson said.

Of his nine years in business, last year was his worst, he said. He decided to close his lunchtime spot on 10th Street and open full time on Eighth Street, which was previously open only evenings.

209 Music Lounge on the River will be open seven days a week, starting April 1.

"Sometimes it's hard to move from an old location to a new location and have business stay afloat. It took about three days, and we had pretty much our normal crowd," he said. "It's coming along really good."

Mr. Brinson combined the two staffs and added workers, bringing the total to 25 employees.

His 10th Street restaurant could hold 85 guests. The new location, which has a lounge and patio seating, can accommodate up to 200 people. The conference room holds an additional 100 to 150 guests.

"The food is like what Grandma cooked, good home cooking. Out of 15 different vegetables, only one comes out of the can," Mr. Brinson said.

The restaurant's dishes include chicken, ribs, pork chops, collard greens, lima beans and field peas. Desserts include peach cobbler, banana pudding and cakes.

The restaurant got its name from its original address, 209 10th St.

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