Company's woes mean big savings

Circuit City is going out of business, and the electronics retailer is liquidating the entire Augusta store for up to 30 percent off.


Last week, I visited the store at 239 Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway, and signs throughout said that all items were at least 10 percent off.

Deals included 20 percent off all music, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Shoppers can find sales on PC accessories, printers, televisions and Play Station games. Everything must be sold, and new merchandise is arriving daily, according to store signs.

Signs read "All sales final, no returns," "No checks," and "Manu-facturers' warranties are in full effect."

On the front door, customers are greeted with the message, "No backpacks, No large bags, No loitering. You are welcome to leave your backpacks/bags at the front desk."

In November, Circuit City closed stores and filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but the electronics chain has been unable to recover. On Jan. 16, the retailer announced that it was shutting down its remaining 567 stores in the United States and cutting about 34,000 jobs.

If you missed The Pinch last week, here are some highlights:


If you're overdue for a new pair of glasses, here are some sales at local stores:

America's Best : The store is offering two pairs for $69.95 for single vision, plastic lenses. Designer frames can be selected. The offer includes a free eye exam. The sale ends at the end of the month, but America's Best always has a two-pair special, according to sales associates.

Pearle Vision : Customers can get one pair of glasses for 30 percent off. The store also has a buy one, get one free sale -- if shoppers purchase a frame and lenses at regular cost, they will get the second pair free up to $200. The sale lasts until April 4.

Sears : The store has a two-for-$99 sale on frames valued up to $70 and single-vision, plastic lenses. Sears also has an all designer clearance sale for any designer clearance frame and best lenses with nonglare (including single vision, bifocal and no line) for $149. Both sales will conclude at the end of the month.

Lens Crafters: The retailer has a sale for 25 percent off frames and lenses. It is offering $100 off prescription sunglasses. The sale ends at the of the month.

Most promotions cannot be combined with insurance or discount plans.


Pier 1 Imports at 267 Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway has a 75 to 90 percent off sale on selected items until the end of January. The sale includes:

- Christmas decorations: 75 percent off

- Harvest décor and gifts: 90 percent off

- Fragrance items (such as diffusers): 50 percent off

- Mugs and dinnerware: 50 to 75 percent off selected items


Here are seven ways to keep money in your pocket, according to Erin Gifford, a grocery-savings expert at

1. Make a meal plan. The easiest way to save money is to plan your meals for each night of the week. When you know what to make (and you have all the ingredients) it's a lot less tempting to order pizza.

2. Plan around what's on sale. Before you write up your weekly meal plan, read through the grocery ads.

3. Choose recipes with a low price per serving. Build meals around less expensive meats like split chicken breasts, pork chops and stew meat.

4. Use coupons. Seek out coupons for every component of your meals.

5. Go vegetarian once a week. Save extra cash by going meatless. Good choices include spaghetti, chili or even omelets.

6. Opt for frozen foods. Frozen vegetables and chicken that can be whipped up into a meal or frozen side dishes, like potatoes, are another easy way to save money.

7. Be smart about private label items. In many cases you can save by selecting the private label over a brand name, but by being smart about coupons, you can often get the brand name for less.

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