Authority reins in boundaries


Augusta's Downtown Development Authority won't be moving its borders out as far into Harrisburg neighborhood as it initially proposed.


Eve Street, not Milledge Road, would be the western border of a newly drawn DDA district if the Augusta Commission approves it Tuesday.

The redrawn district comes from compromising with Commissioner Jerry Brigham at a committee meeting Wednesday where he expressed concern the authority would spread its resources "even thinner than what we have now."

"If they're already short of help, I don't think you can expect them to expand the core of the district and expect them to add anything to that," Mr. Brigham said.

The Authority encompasses an area from East Boundary to 15th Street and the river south to Laney-Walker Boulevard.

It is trying to become larger to incorporate the rest of the Medical College of Georgia campus under its umbrella, and Paine College and the Harrisburg area.

"It doesn't mean we're getting into the residential business. It doesn't mean that we're going to change the way we operate. This will provide more tools for more people," said Julian Roberts, who is the chairman of the Downtown Development Authority board.

The Authority is able to own land, apply for grants and issue bonds as part of its mission to revitalize the downtown area.

Mr. Brigham said he supported some expansion of the DDA so it included Paine College and MCG. Moving the western border from 15th Street to Eve Street would accomplish that.

The eastern border would move from East Boundary to Bobby Jones Expressway. The southern border would be along Wrightsboro Road.

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