Cross country meet good training for competitors



The pressure-packed atmosphere at previous cross country meets at Wildwood Park was virtually nonexistent Tuesday night.

With a big meet in Atlanta on Satur­day and the Region 2-AAAAA championship looming the first Saturday in November, the small meet became the equivalent of a hard day at practice.

Evans’ Justin Weegar finished first in the boys event as the Knights (45) took second place behind Washington County (43).

While not facing the same level of competition as in the past, Weegar improved his time by almost 35 seconds from when Evans ran in the meet at Wildwood Park on Sept. 19, finishing in 17:16.25.

“This race today was pretty much like a training run, running all out as I can but training through it,” said Weegar, adding that he put in five moderate miles the day before in addition to a meet on Saturday... “I was pretty happy with today’s time.”

The Evans girls dominated their race, taking the top three spots and five out of 10 while winning with 21 points.

Evans’ Jackie Ramos (23:08.54), Jasmine Stone (23:48.24) and Autumn Johnson (23:52.62) took the top three spots, respectively, while Sydney Slaughter (25:59.75) was seventh and Anisha Harilal was eighth.

Grovetown’s Ashley Gagnon (24:46.94) placed fourth and Taylor Blackstone (25:39.57) finished sixth as the Lady Warriors (53) took second followed by Burke County (80) in third.

With 10 boys and 10 girls on the team, the meet was about working toward identifying the seven runners that will be taken to the region competition for Evans coach Lisa Chizmar.

“What I’m looking for is kids like Sydney (Slaughter) who has been No. 6 and now Sydney’s No. 4,” Chizmar said. “I’m looking for who’s moving into those top seven positions, that’s what this is about.”



1. Washington County: 43

2. Evans: 45

3. Greenbrier: 71


1. Justin Weegar, (Evans), 17:16.25; 2. Quin Poole, (Washington County), 17:53.78; 3. Justin Braswell, (Washington County), 18:28.69; 4. Quintus Williams, (Burke County), 19:15.77; 5. Ty Brooks, (Evans), 19:22.99; 6. Hayden Bailey, (Lincolnton), 19:45.46; 7. Daniel Storrer, (Greenbrier), 19:47.55; 8. Marcus Cannon, (Washington County), 20:01.28; 9.Ian Cyr, (Evans), 20:02.57; 10. Zach Reformat, (Grovetown), 20:05.12.



1. Evans: 21

2. Grovetown: 53

3: Burke County: 80


1. Jackie Ramos, (Evans), 23:08.54; 2. Jasmine Stone, (Evans), 23:48.24; 3. Autumn Johnson, (Evans), 23:52.62; 4. Ashley Gagnon, (Grovetown), 24:46.94; 5. Ashley Dixon, (Washington County), 25:37.04; 6. Taylor Blackstone, (Grovetown), 25:39.57; 7. Sydney Slaughter, (Evans), 25:59.75; 8. Anisha Harilal, (Evans), 26:05.96; 9. Deryanna Evans, (Burke County), 26:06.24; 10. Charesia Walker, (Burke County), 26:07.74.



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