John Boyette

Exploring St. Andrews the town

 Saturday was supposed to bring the conclusion of the second round and the start of the third round of the British Open. Instead,  I took the opportunity to explore a bit of St. Andrews with my traveling companions.

John Boyette

A rainy day in St. Andrews

There's an expression about weather in Scotland that has proved handy this week.

John Boyette

Night golf in Scotland

Playing golf in Scotland has always been a bucket list item for me. Now I can check that box.

John Boyette

Appreciating Tom Watson

I have a confession to make: I have not always been a Tom Watson fan.

John Boyette

Food choices at The Open

There has been much speculation about what I would eat during my trip to London and The Open at St. Andrews. I'm notorius for being a picky eater, a meat and potatoes guy from way back.

John Boyette

The Open at St. Andrews

A lot of policies at the Open are downright modern, and the result is a fan-friendly experience.

Connor Threlkeld

Claw machines: Engineered to take your money

If you've ever tried winning a stuffed animal or other prize at a claw machine, you've probably witnessed the prize slip out of the claw's grasp. That's not by mistake. 


Plan Your Day the Smart Way to Minimize Spending

Almost every morning these days, I spend about 10 minutes planning out the specifics of my day.  What’s interesting is that I can see how this kind of planning is saving me money.


Half of Americans Can’t Handle a Small Emergency. Here’s What to Do If You’re in That Group.

I was stunned earlier this week to read that 47% of Americans would experience significant financial distress – taking out debt or selling something – in order to be able to handle a $400 emergency.

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