Steven Schretzmann

Stay Safe While Running at Night

I do my long runs on weekends during daylight hours. If I want to run during the week, I have to run in the dark.


25 Gift Ideas Under $10 I’d Be Happy to Receive

Whenever I see a typical gift idea list, I have two immediate frustrations.

Connor Threlkeld

Laser weapons face sea trials

Somewhere in the Arabian Gulf lies the shattered remains of a speedboat and a drone aircraft. Equipment destroyed during demonstrations of the Navy's newest laser weapons system. 

Steven Schretzmann

5 Lessons Learned Running the Turkey Trot

Here are a few things I'll do differently during my next race.

Steven Schretzmann

The 10K is out of the way - I'm halfway there

I have officially reached the halfway point. After three months of training, I can now run 7 miles. With about three months until the GRU Augusta Half Marathon, I just need to double my distance. Ugh!


How to Prevent Financial Relapse

It’s a pretty common story. You have some debt. Maybe a big mortgage. You have a good job, but you want more. So you put some stuff on a credit card. You panic, but pay off enough debt that the crisis is averted. Then it happens again.

Connor Threlkeld

Eagle takes GoPro for a ride

As proof that almost anything can be made more interesting when you stick a GoPro on it, we present a bald eagle flying with a GoPro at an NFL game. 

Steven Schretzmann

Run six miles, injure toe, repeat

My big toes don't like it when I run long distances. Neither do I. 


25 Smart Ways to Handle a $1,000 Windfall

It’s a question I often get from readers and versions of it pop up with some regularity in the Reader Mailbag. What can I do with a medium-sized windfall – say, $1,000 or so – that actually makes good long-term sense?

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Romney won't run

WASHINGTON - After a three-week flirtation with another run for president, Mitt Romney said definitively on Friday that he will not seek the White House in 2016.
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