Connor Threlkeld

Walter White Takes Flight

Because everyone is sending things into space with weather balloons, the phenomenon is starting to run its course. Until now. 


Christmas In July

The average American family spends $749.51 on Christmas gifts. That’s a painful amount. As I’m writing this, Christmas is five months away. For me, that means it’s time to start planning.

Damon Cline

So you wanna revolution? What kind, exactly?

Polite and productive society has had it with the federal government, and it desperately wants a new American Revolution. Problem is, revolution in this country may no longer be possible.


Twelve Money-Saving Tactics for Disney World

Here are twelve things I learned from our vacation that can help you trim the costs of a trip to Disney World.

Connor Threlkeld

Kid's dream comes true on soccer field

A couple of weeks after the world's sporting focus was on Brazil and the World Cup, the focus of Seattle Sounders fans turned to Xander Bailey, whose Make A Wish dream game true as he appeared in a game with the soccer club. 

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