Sean Moores

Do you want the best seats in town for the City of Augusta Fireworks show?

We're giving away two family packs of four tickets to the VIP fireworks viewing area at the Boathouse overlooking the Savannah River.  


How to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

A major concern I always have when we’re traveling is the security of our money.  I want vacations to be relaxing and fun for our whole family, and that means not stressful.

Connor Threlkeld

One reason not to park illegally in Brazil

Since Richmond County law enforcement almost never writes tickets for illegal parking in handicapped spots, perhaps this solution is in order. 

Connor Threlkeld

The Terminator poses as wax sculpture

If you enjoy watching real celebrities surprise people at wax museums by posing as statues, you'll enjoy this video of Arnold Schwarzenegger surprising fans around Hollywood. 


11 Benefits You Should Be Taking Advantage of at Work

For the first two years of my previous career, I was largely unaware of many of the employee benefits I was eligible for. 

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