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Weekly column
Around here, we have our fair share of brotherly love. Now that I have a house filled with boys, however, I realize that term is a lot more complicated than I ever used to imagine.

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Over at Wired, there's an interesting post about tips for improving your pinewood derby car speed. What does it say about me that I was nodding my head in agreement the entire time?

Thanks to the good reader who sent this to me, and yes, I agree that the comments are worth checking out!

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Today at the library, that jazz book caught my eye -- but it was something else that reeled me in. Shouldn't that red book be somewhere else? Upon closer inspection, it seems the whole shelf is out-of-sorts.

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Weekly column

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You know it's time to do something to the kitchen when your children, your boys, your third and fourth grade sons, tell you it's too chaotic for them.

"I think we need to get a better system in here," says one boy as I finagle the tower of plastic cups falling out of the cabinet.

"You're right," his brother agrees.

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This morning was rough. But I'm trying to see the good along with the bad.

The Lows:

1. Frustration of boys needing to be told repeatedly what to do.

2. Many things finally fall into place, but alas, the table does not get cleared.

3. A boy flings an extra-large bouncy ball from across the room. It flies through the kitchen, sails into the dining room and barely misses the chandelier.

4. Ball hits a glass of milk resting on the still-not-cleared table.

5. Milk all over the floor.

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weekly column

One recent afternoon, I was working around the house, cleaning, picking up and trying to get things in order. 

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You realize of course that Valentine's Day is not a holiday marketed with boys in mind? Do you know that? Take one walk through Target looking for a few cute items and you'll be reminded. The fact that I was on the prowl for anything cute should have been my Red Flag -- because none of my boys wants within ten feet of cute on this or any other day.

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I'm in love with my new washer and dryer.
A while back, I did some research on front loader washing machines. I got a lot of positive feedback about these new high efficiency machines. At that point, way back when, it was really just a pipe dream. My washer and dryer were both working just fine and while I knew I'd enjoy a larger machine (and probably could justify getting one) there were other items on my list of "stuff to do with my money," including going to Europe with my husband. Yes, those front loaders aren't cheap.

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I just clicked over here to verify that yes, my blog is gathering cobwebs.

And I was right! I'm sorry, blog. I do love you. It's just, I'm busy! The whole having five boys, plus one is a toddler, plus that pesky detail of a book -- it's keeping me busy. I got another book deadline in today, which is exciting for me, but leaves you feeling lonely, doesn't it blog?

Well, I'm just here to say I'll be back soon, that I love you, little blog, and that we'll be together again. I promise.

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