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Christmas Tree Lane CHL #990 by tkksummers on Flickr!Every year, the Christmas season brings forth a wide variety of feelings for me.

I’m flooded with memories from my childhood - time spent with relatives that are long since past, opening memorable gifts, and the annual centerpiece of a great Christmas meal.

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Poetry Books by chillihead on Flickr!One topic that seems to come up time and time again in my reader mailbag columns is the concept of reading for personal growth.

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Grey Day Rock Balance by :mrMark: on Flickr!This past Saturday, I was a dinner guest at the home of a family friend of my wife’s parents. Over dinner, the conversation was lively and, as is often the case with my wife’s family, refreshingly frank.

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Many of you out there reading this are hurting.

The economic news is grim, and even though I believe the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, that doesn’t change the stark reality of things.

Most of us have lost a large swath of our retirement savings in the last year. My overall retirement savings has gone down about 30% over the past thirteen months, even with late 2007 and 2008 contributions.

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'Not the Same Old Grind' Coffee Shop by Mark Warner on Flickr!I’m writing this article in a coffee shop, one that I hadn’t set foot in for several months. I’m sipping on a big cup of chai - and it tastes great.

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edvard munch - the scream 1893 by oddsock on Flickr!Four or five times a day, I get an email from a reader who is worried about some absolutely apocalyptic prediction about what will happen to the global economy over the next several years.

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Day 113 - A Clean Sweep by Menage a Moi on Flickr!For a long time, my wife and I have discussed hiring a local housecleaning service, but never pulled the trigger (mostly because of our “cheap” sensibilities).

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suitcases.jpg by Phineas H on Flickr!Over the weekend, my parents came to visit. At one point, we were talking about the experiences I had during my college days, and they mentioned that when I would move in and out of the dormitories, it would require a pickup truck to move all of the stuff.

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A few days ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with a fellow in his early sixties who has already retired. He had been self-employed his entire life.

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Choice by anyjazz65 on Flickr!Whenever you make the choice to spend money on something, you’re actually making other choices as well.

I choose to “dress for success” by buying this expensive suit.
I also choose to have large credit card bills.

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