Hittin' you hard and leaving you hungover

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It's that time of year again, a time for hearts, chocolates, roses, jewelry, romantic dinners and (if you are lucky) wild sex. That's right, Valentine's Day is here. And for bitter people like me, it's the most suckiest time of the year.


To counter all the sappy love songs you are going to hear on the radio I decided to list a few good breakup songs for various occasions. If you have to kick someone to the curb you should find some inspiration here.


If you want to break up with them old school style

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I’ve been in blog hibernation for some time now but I had to come back to honor some of the truly stupid who helped make this year ‘interesting’. And nothing says you’ve said or done something stupid like a good old fashioned Kick in the Throat.


Before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to thank this year’s sponsor, Tequila. Since the 16th century tequila has been helping people do (and explain) stupid things so they are a perfect fit for the Throaties.


That’s enough jibber-jabber; let’s get to this year’s winners.

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Valentine's Day. It's all about love and happiness. Roses and chocolates. Diamonds and gold. Cute and cuddly. It's enough to make a sane, single person lose his or her mind.


The big problem with Valentine's Day is the lack of options for singles. Every club or restaurant you go to this weekend will be full of people all happy and in love. And if you are single and bitter (like me) you don't want to see that.


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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and even though I posted this video back in 2009, I figured now was a good time to bring it back. Considering the state of our current political system and the extra hate that's coming from a vocal minority, I thought we could all use something inspirational. Hopefully, a fifth grader with an alleged Southern drawl, a black robe and (at the time) a boatload of potential reciting a portion of one of Dr.

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After a few years off, it's time for the Kick in the Throat Awards to make a return. For those of you who don't remember them, here's a brief summary from a previous blog post.


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Wrestling and college football. Other than large men hitting each other , you wouldn’t think they have much in common. However in Columbia, SC there is one connection that is too big to be overlooked.


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I figured now would be a good time for me to come back and give you all some help planning your Halloween parties. So let's take a look at thirteen (that's a scary number right?) songs that are perfect for the "most scariest time of the year".*


We'll start with three classic rap songs.


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Note: This is an updated version of a blog I posted on another site.

My name is 100 Proof and I am a work-a-holic or at least I am according to popular opinion. Of my MANY faults this is the one that earns me the most lectures from family, friends and associates. Apparently when I should be out socializing I am either doing or thinking about work. These are their words not mine.

A few months ago I started a new job so that has helped some but I still tend to think about work too much when I should be "off the clock".

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Note: I am aware that there are many religions out there and not all of them refer to the good afterlife place as Heaven. So the purposes of this blog I am using "heaven" as a general term for the good place you go after you die regardless of your religion. Feel free to insert the name of your own preferred afterlife location (Tian, Firdaus, Elysian Fields, Playboy Mansion, etc.)

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