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            I’m preparing to move into a new apartment with huge, gorgeous windows. These, of course, need huge, gorgeous curtains. I wondered if it would be cheaper to find a fabric I like and make them on my own.

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I’m a pack rat, so the only time I clean out my closet is times like this, when I’m faced with moving something up a flight of stairs to a new apartment. Some of my out-of-date clothes need to be retired. Before I do that, I assess whether they can be repurposed for a newer trend.

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           It’s time to begin anew, starting with your closet. Your new year’s resolutions may not include your wardrobe, but working in what you’ll spend on attire to your 2010 budget can pay off in the long run.

            I’ve prioritized and found the holes in my closet can be filled by obtaining these resolutions: to master dressing warmly and obtain the perfect suit.

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            Budget fashion fans, rejoice: Forever 21 marketing officials confirm there are plans for a 16,000 square-foot store at the Augusta Mall.

            The opening date and lines that will be carried hasn’t been determined, said Kira Merz in an e-mail from Forever 21’s marketing department. The size of the store could also change.

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New Year’s Eve is an excuse to splurge, but there are ways to ring in the new year in style and still save time and money.
I’m a shameless fan of dresses, and special occasions are an opportunity to try a bold look. Glitter and sequins abound on New Year’s Eve, but festive sparkling doesn’t translate other times. If you buy a dress specifically for tonight, think about cost per wear: Will you really wear that designer dress again?

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The last feeling you want on Christmas Eve is the panic that you didn’t get someone a present. But with major shopping areas in day-before-Christmas chaos, I’ve found that you can often find a present in a pinch at a grocery or drug store.

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Gift giving can be tricky, particularly if you’re a guy shopping for the girl in you life.


There are some common mistakes to avoid ensuring your gift is a win, not something she’ll fake enthusiasm for and never use.

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           Sephora is my candy store. I see those brilliantly packaged containers of sparkling powders and shimmering glosses and I lose (most) control of my budget.

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This is the first weekend of December, which creates one of the biggest fashion challenges of the year: avoiding outfit repetition in Facebook photos.

If you want to avoid spending your hard earned Christmas present money on party garb, invest in a belt that hits at the natural waist for an updated look on last year’s cocktail dress.

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Remember in the Sex and the City movie when Jennifer Hudson’s character tells Carrie about Bag Borrow or Steal, the designer bag rental company? I assumed this was a fictitious company (much like the fairytale that writer Carrie could afford to shop at designer stores) or a big city commodity.


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