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I've had bangs off and on since fourth grade. I got them again during my most recent hair cut.

I love having bangs, but I don't always want them in my face -- for example if I'm cleaning, or exercising, or if I get caught in the rain. I have a couple ways to get my bangs out of my face using a few simple accessories.

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Now that it's getting cooler, it's time to take sweaters and winter clothes out of storage and tuck away your summer items.

When taking clothes out of storage, allow them some time to air out before putting them back into rotation. In a pinch, try fluffing clothes in the dryer with a scented fabric sheet (I use one with Febreze). This helps air out the clothing and helps your ironing along.

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Red lipstick is one of, if not the most, daring looks in makeup. I’ve always been shy to wear red lipstick because I’ve feared looking like I’ve been playing in my mother’s makeup bag, or worse, cheap.

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Halloween isn’t just a time to dress up your outfit – you can up the ante of your costume with intensifying your makeup. An easy way to do this is by adding fake eyelashes to your attire (as long as you’re not dressing up as a zombie or some other character).

I spotted some standard ones at Sephora for $8. You can also find them at drugstores. Badly applied fake eyelashes can look horizontal, uneven or disjointed. But there are a few tricks I’ve learned about applying fake eyelashes:

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Maybe you're not looking to spend a lot on a costume or need to change up the sexy witch outfit for a more family-friendly Halloween event. It's possible to put together a costume with what you have in your closet with minor additions.

A little DIY work can transform basics into costumes. Here are some ideas for more traditional, low-key costumes:

- A ghost: Take a white dress or white shirt. Use black paint (if you're careful) with stencils or black iron-on graphics to make eyes and a mouth.

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Now that temperatures are falling with the beginning of fall, it's sweater weather. Cardigans are a great layering piece that can take clothes from warmer days to cooler nights.

They can be pricey at some stores, but you don't have to spend much to find a cute and affordable cardigan. Here are five cardigans under $50.

- Old Navy has a tie-belt wrap cardigan in several colors available in the Augusta location and online. It's $36.50. It's a heavier weight knit, but the tie belt makes it flattering on all body types.

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Before bringing in all your fall fashion finds, you need to make room in the closet.

If you, like I, have lived in a historic house or apartment, you perceive closet space to be luxury. Perhaps you share a closet, which can also be a challenge.

After cleaning out the haven't-worn-it-in-years items and will-never-wear-it-again clothes and donating or consigning, it's the perfect time to organize your closet.

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It’s fall, but it usually doesn’t feel like it in September in Augusta. You don’t want to wear your summer clothes, but it’s too hot to bust out the cardigans.

Accessories are a good way to transition to fall. I found a few affordable options to change your wardrobe to fall.

Bib necklaces worn can dress up a basic t-shirt and have the chunky look of fall jewelry. I found a bronze detail bib necklace at Target for $19.99.

You can start wearing boots if they’re short. I saw some grey suede-look ankle boots at Target for $29.99.

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Wednesday is the official start of fall, but catalogs for the upcoming season and store racks have started changing in anticipation. Though I expect the utilitarian trend will be the biggest of fall, here are 10 fall trends to look for and try with your personal style:

1. Cardigans: A hallmark of fall apparel, the cardigan reincarnate extends to just below the hips and is worn over belted skirts or in the form of a varsity sweater.

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Sequins are showing up before dark.

Though sequins are traditionally a more formal night wear item, the trend can be worn daytime -- even to work -- with other fall trends.

Here are some ways to wear the glitter of sequins:

- Mix it with utilitarian pieces. A sequin tank worn with one of fall's most widespread trends, either under a jacket or with utilitarian pants, is great juxtaposition.

- Wear it with soft pieces. Big sweaters or cardigans, particularly with a draped shape, soften the edge of sequins.

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