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Football season is here in full swing, and Old Navy wants to officially kick off with a tailgate party in their stores on Sept. 3 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The party will be introducing their Superfan Nation shop - a new section of clothing and accessories with NFL and collegiate licensed logos for whoever your favorite teams are.

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Wow, was this a tough episode to watch. From Nina's hazy parameters (that directly contradicted everything she actually wore on this episode) to half of the contestants just throwing in the towel, it made me glad I wasn't anywhere near that depressed group of people.

Before we get to the good stuff, if you haven't caught the episode watch it here.

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It will be awhile before you can pull out your corduroy pants and wool sweaters, but wearing fall shoes with summer clothes is a good way to ease into your cooler-weather look.

Loafers, boots and oxfords will be very popular, I predict, mainly because they look good with just about anything. A bright pair of driving moccasins can keep a fall-toned outfit from looking to drab, and desert boots create very flattering lines.

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Just when you thought there was a ceiling on the house of crazy, they take you to the basement.

Challenge the Third had as many kinks as a compulsive person's phone was a team challenge, there was an outdoor runway, and the models (were they even models?) were stiltwalkers. Too. Much. Much.

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I love it when utilitarian and everyday objects are designed thoughtfully and beautifully, without costing an arm and a leg. The QuirkyTM Pivot Power surge protector is an excellent example of this.

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With eight seasons already in the can, Project Runway-osity has its own language, mores and traditions. One of those is the unconventional materials challenge, or as I like to call it - the "what the heck? you're kidding" challenge.

Because even though those designers know it's coming, they still make these stupid Home Alone faces and are all like, "you've gooot to be kidding meee..."

If you haven't caught up, watch episode two here.

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There's no denying that facebook has redefined how we socialize over the internet, but now you can bring the social networking site into your paperwork as well.

For the past few weeks, a picture of rubber stamps with the facebook "like" image has been making its way through the interwebs. I finally tracked down who is selling it - a product art retailer called Jailbreak Collective.

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They're baaaaack...the first 45 minutes of Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim this season came out Thursday night, and it did not disappoint.


If you haven't already, watch the episode here so you have an idea of what happened.


The episode starts out with the unsurprising "surprise"...the 20 designers that were shipped to New York are actually still not safe, and four of them won't make the cut to the first challenge.


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Going to college can be expensive, but student discounts are a nice surprise that you should take advantage of. Some of the best student discounts are for software and technology. Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and other suppliers offer significant cuts for college students.
If you're a student and buy a Mac computer before September 20, you'll get $100 back to spend in the Mac app store, iTunes store and the iBookstore.

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Spotify is the newest way to listen to music, a subscription-based database with more than 15 million tracks and counting.

It has been overwhelmingly popular in the UK, but came to the US just this past week. Celebrities such as Mark Zuckerberg and Ashton Kutcher are singing its praises, saying Spotify will change the way people listen to music.

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