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E-Z-GO has a birthday coming up this year.


The iconic golf car company turns 60 in June, but won’t be having the cake and cookout until the temperatures cool off in the fall, said President Kevin Holleran.


“They’ve put thoughts together of a fall weekend where we could celebrate with our employees, with former leaders,” Holleran said. Locals and corporate officials will also be invited.


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We know Augusta is an affordable place to live. A couple of times a year, there’s a Web site study or list that will rank one of our counties or the whole metro area as an affordable place, occasionally referring to the area as cheap.


The Web site that makes it into the paper once a month when it releases information about foreclosures, RealtyTrac, has a mountain of housing data that it has recently used to rank cities based on rental returns.


And, yes, Augusta’s high on this list, which is why I’m writing about it.


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Alex Nowrasteh had some interesting things to say about immigration’s effect on the nation’s economy.


The net immigration from Mexico, legal and illegal, was zero during the recession and into the recovery because of the housing collapse. In other words, because of the economy, there were just as many Mexicans leaving the U.S.A. as entering it.


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Fewer teens are able to get jobs, and that notion was verified by a study released this week.


The Brookings Institution studied teen employment from 2000 to 2012. Way back in 2000, 41 percent of working-age teens in the Augusta area were able to find work. That dropped to 25 percent by 2012. That’s a big drop, but it puts Augusta only in the middle of the pack (57th) in terms of other metro experiences.


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A lot of analysts and economists have weighed in on the economic numbers for this winter and how the weather has stifled the economy. Augusta had a few days of ice and snow – and no power – but that’s still a few days where businesses didn’t make money.


Though we’re not dealing with record snowfalls and a daily blizzard with a Weather Channel storm name, the South has gotten more ice and snow this winter than in my memory.


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The D.C. flight continues from Augusta and the airline hasn’t said when it will stop.


Diane Johnston, the marketing director for Augusta Regional Airport, is equally unsure because US Airways/American Airlines hasn’t told her. She surmises that there could be another two to four months of direct service from here to the nation’s capital.


The new American decided to part with the flight as part of its antitrust settlement with the federal government, which means a divestiture to another airline.


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The big security breaches at Target and Nieman Marcus – Yahoo! too! – have internet security high on the list of topics in the news these days.


One of downtown Augusta’s tech firms, EDTS, is rolling out a higher level of network monitoring to its customers. EDTS is one of the Augusta companies perennially on the Inc. 5000, and it does so by finding ways to get more customers and sell more things to the ones that it has.


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When Club Car gets to the golf industry’s major shows this month and in February, it will have more than just a new utility vehicle to show off.


The Evans-based golf car company has a new version of its Precedent to unveil. Its the first golf car with a built-in computer screen and technology that lets it connect to its owner.


Precedent i3 will be shown at the PGA Merchandise Show, which is Wednesday through Friday in Orlando, Fla., and the Golf Industry Show, Feb. 1-6, also in Orlando.


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Interesting that really cold can set power records just like really hot.


Record cold temperatures across South Carolina helped SCE&G to hit a record for electricity consumption.


On Jan. 7, consumers used 101,118 megawatt hours of electricity over 24 hours. The previous high mark of 98,785 megawatt hours was set Aug. 10, 2007. It was more than 100 degrees outside that day.


South Carolina Electric & Gas has 675,000 customers setting those records.


By: Tim Rausch on January 3, 2014 - 11:09am - Add new comment

Augusta Regional Airport measures airline performance based on completed flights and on-time departures.


As Southwest Airlines hit the news this week on the surprise that it has lost a step on reliability, I took a look at the airlines serving Augusta.


In November, Delta, Atlantic Southeast and US Airways were all excellent on completed flights. US Airways seemed to struggle with on-time departures in November, 74 percent, as did ASA at 85 percent. Delta was nearly perfect.


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