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Reprinted from the Feb. 1, 2004, edition of The Augusta Chronicle.


By Scott Michaux

Staff Writer


White Road Stadium might not have a retractable roof, and Josey's Sonic Boom of the South band might not measure up to Beyonce Knowles, but Deon Grant wouldn't trade his high school football experience for a dozen Super Bowls.


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Reprinted from Feb. 1, 2004, edition of The Augusta Chronicle.


By Scott Michaux

Staff Writer


Go to any Super Bowl and talk to enough players about their lives, and you'll inevitably hear the escape story.


You know the one. Young boy grows up in depressed part of community. He's heading for trouble, finds football, evades pitfalls, gets noticed, goes to college, excels athletically, gets drafted, makes money, lives happily ever after.


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Well, the Southeastern Conference released its new expansion schedule this week, and other than the decision to stick with only eight conference games instead of nine there’s a lot to love about it from the local perspective.
The annual border bash between Georgia and South Carolina has FINALLY been moved from the leadoff spot in the conference rotation. This is a great development for a game that has become increasingly more significant in the last decade.

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Before the BCS pageant judges cast their final ruling on the college football swimsuit competition and my respective Heisman voters punch their ballots, here’s a few final thoughts.


First of all, we know the BCS won’t do the right thing because that’s not its style. I have no doubt on Sunday night that against all fairness and logic, an SEC West rematch between LSU and Alabama will be set for New Orleans. That’s just the way the lemmings roll.


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Yo Dabo gabba.
If you haven’t seen Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney’s rant slamming the South Carolina program that has beaten him three consecutive years, please pause a moment to take a look at it here.

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Perhaps it doesn't have the poetic drama and delivery of Jim Mora's classic "Playoffs!?" rant, but Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney went deep Thursday night in his response to a question about an alleged verbal slam by South Carolina head ball coach Steve Spurrier that never really happened.


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WYNCOTE, Pa. (AP) -- Joseph "Bud" Lewis, the golf professional who was the longest serving and oldest living member of the PGA of America, died last Tuesday of natural causes. He was 103.


With Lewis' death, the PGA of America said Samuel Henry "Errie" Ball of Stuart, Fla., is the oldest living PGA of America member. Ball, 101, is the last surviving participant in the first Masters Tournament in 1934.


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Since college football refuses to give us a meaningful postseason, this is really the best week of the year.
Rivalry week is the most unpredictable stage of the season. Even the teams with nothing substantial left to play for have the motivation to play spoiler to a hated foe that does.
But much more than pride is on the line in some of the games this week.
The outcome of Arkansas and LSU will have a direct impact on both the SEC West and the BCS title race.
The battle of the Old Dominion will determine who plays Clemson in the ACC championship.

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Lacking a little time to get this posted, I’ll make this brief.
The brain trust that brought us and perpetuates the BCS is obviously scared of all the growing anti-trust implications of their stupid little system, so they are talking about yet another fix that isn’t a fix at all.
Reports claim that the BCS idiots are spitballing ideas for change that would included getting rid of the automatic qualifier conferences, cutting loose the four BCS bowls and focusing entirely on simply setting up a 1 vs. 2 matchup at whatever venue is the highest bidder.

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I've been trying to comment on my own column for about two hours and can only get through a couple brief blurbs that haven't been flagged for approval by our "site administrators." They'll be sorry when I heave my company issued laptop into the wall in frsutration.


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