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We have a pair of tickets to give away for the Bill Cosby show at Bell Auditorium March 25, and all you have to do to get them is break out your winter wear. 

Bold and geometrical, colorful and unrestrained - there's nothing quite like the prototypical Bill Cosby sweater. It transcends its primary purpose of keeping people warm, opting instead to make a loud, proud and wooly statement.

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Down to the final four. I think it's safe to say these are the marquee categories. It should be noted that the first of the quartet of honors, favorite new band, was presented by the evidently reforming Augusta act Science Friction. Here's the winners...


New act - My Instant Lunch

Song - Ego Machine (L.i.E.)

CD - Mechanical Advantage (The Cubists)

Lokal Band - L.i.E.


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Here's the thing about music in Augusta. It's not limited to rock or country, mosh pit metal or James Brown soul. We dig it all. So this next set of awards, the genre awards, seems particularly fitting. Here's the winners...


Country/Americana - 48Volt

Rock - Bleeding Counterfeit

Hard rock - L.i.E. (the sweep continues)

Hip-hop/Soul - Jemani


Those awards wrapped with the traditional presentation of the Soul Bar fantasy football trophy. Some guy named Uhles won it. Totally deserved.

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The pleasure of 48Volt is you never know exactly what kind of band to expect. Sometimes it's a country band willing to rock. Others it's a rock band eager to embrace the twang. Tonight, playing unplugged, they are something new. While both the country and rock (and country-rock for that matter) were evident, what really came across in the acoustic set was the band's ability as songwriters. Without all the instrumental filigree that usually accompanies at Volt show, there's a focus on the lyrics and sure-footed sense of melody sometimes hidden beneath the band's bushel.

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Now we come to some esoteric and abstracted categories. The thing about the Lokal Loudness Awards is they never presume to award the best. Instead they recognize the favorite. Does that make it a little like putting Joe Quarterback on a pedestal? Perhaps. But the fact that very few musicians have ever had a monopoly on the awards indicates that there is a recognition of excellence going on. Here's the next set of winners...


Favorite male - Jo Bone

Favorite Female - Deb Hemingway

Solo artist - Jacob Beltz (deserved)

All-ages band - Aralic

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Music, for Bleeding Counterfeit singer Josh Pierce, has been something of a search. For the nearly ten years he's been performing on Augusta stages, he's always seemed like he was looking for the right sound for his strong, soulful voice and broken heart songwriting.

He's finally found it.

Turns out, Pierce spent those wilderness years looking for a Southern rock band.

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Here's the winners for the first round of awards. These recognize the disparate elements of a rock band.


Favorite drummer - Michael Dinkins (L.i.E.)

Favorite bass player - Jo Bone (L.i.E; Shotgun Opera)

Favorite guitar player - John Berret (Reed Brown Berret)

Favorite singer -- Tony Miaco (L.i.E.)

Favorite misc. instrumentalist - Henry Wynn (every band in town)


It looks like it could be a big night for prog-metal practitioners L.i.E.

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File My Instant Lunch under Band You Never Want to Follow. This is a full package act. Not only are the songs catchy and infectious, but those boys know how to put on a show. Tonight the gimmick was starting, drumline style, from the floor before breaking into full rock band mode - in matching dinner jackets no less. A great set. Bands slated to follow be warned, the bar has been set pretty high. If I might use an awkward winter Olympics allusion, the Lunch look like medal favorites. Here's a photo of the band in action.

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Hello night owls.

I'm spending the evening at Sky City, which is, admittedly, not all that unusual. But while I'm here, I'll be filing updates and (hopefully) photos 14th annual Lokal Loudness Choice Awards. The ceremony/show will, invariably, last well into the evening - morning if you want to get technical. I'll be hanging out, offering my impressions of winners, losers and the bands at work. There's no work tomorrow. Hang out for a while. I'll be back after the first set of awards.

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