By: Mimi Hopson on November 6, 2012 - 10:45am - Add new comment

This past weekend was beautiful and I got out and about and enjoyed the time away from work.  I walked the dogs, multiple times, as is our norm. We walked the neighborhood, the cemetery and the hiking trails.  On our journey, we began to notice the interactions between people and their pets.  


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Our mornings start with the Love Fest.  Mayrose is awake precisely at 6:00 am. Our day begins like this – I feel the wiggle of a little tiny Mayrose as she leaves the warmth and secureness of the spot that she found behind my knees under the covers the night before. Slowly, she stretches and scoots to the top of the covers.  Her sweet little paws plant on the side of my head, and she licks my face.  I try to ignore her, but it’s no use.  She follows me under the covers as I try and hide.  It has become a ritual.

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This past weekend, my beautiful niece, Amanda, showed off her crafty skills with a wonderful DIY Dog Bed.  I was instantly intrigued!  I love a good craft idea.  And you know how much I love my dogs.  Put those too loves together and I’m in DIY Doggie Craft heaven.


By: Mimi Hopson on October 16, 2012 - 9:42am - Add new comment

I love shopping local.  There is nothing wrong with a big box pet store, but I love the personal attention that you get in a smaller, locally owned shop. 


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I have hair envy.  I have always wanted thick, long and flowing hair.  I have, however, been blessed with fine hair that began to turn gray at an early age. I say ‘blessed’ because I guess it could be worse.  Some of you can probably attest to that.


When I first met Harrie, he was in my care as a foster dog.  He had thick, long, flowing and soft brown/black hair.  Maybe I was instantly attracted his hair.  He is a really sweet guy, but I think, looking back, that that hair was what won me over.  I adopted him a few months later.

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October seems to be the month for Fall festivals and the blessing of animals.  Why, just this past weekend, Mayrose was blessed.  And this coming weekend I look forward to attending my favorite festival of the Fall season – Oliver Hardy Festival in beautiful downtown Harlem, Georgia.


Let’s start by talking about pets -


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In an effort to eat healthier, I have begun to take in less processed foods and replace them with more vegetables and whole foods.  I admit, however, that I don’t always like the taste or the difficulty in preparing these foreign foods.  Pizza is easy.  I either pop a frozen one in the oven, or call Papa John’s (they are on my speed dial).  Water vs. Dr. Pepper?  I prefer Dr. Pepper, of course.


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Mayrose got fixed on Friday.  No, she wasn’t broken.  It was just that time in her young female life.  I thought I was going to need some fixing myself before it was all said and done.  There is just something about sending your baby in to surgery that will cause you to come a little bit unglued. 


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It’s hard being the single Mom of three adorable dogs.  The play dates, the trips to the dog park, the occasional grooming or vet appointment and the twice daily walks – they keep me on my toes.  Mayrose is constantly asking me to take her to the pet store.  She’s at that age, you see, where every toy looks like something that she absolutely has to have.  And, of course, I’m more worried about making sure she’ll have a winter coat that fits.


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Ahhh, it’s that time of the year when the weather starts to change.  The leaves are beginning to fall and there is a hint of crispness in the evening air.  On nice nights, I love to walk the dogs – long, long, long walks.  It’s wonderful.


Fashion options begin to change this time of year, too.   So, of course, Grady and Harrie had to have new bow ties from   We love her collars and bow ties! 


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