Simple Steps to Avoid Identity Theft

Over the last three days, three different readers have written to me in a panic, concerned that they may be the victims of identity theft. At least one of these readers clearly was a victim of such theft.

Connor Threlkeld

George the dog loves tennis

Some animals like to see other animals on TV. But George? George loves tennis. 

Mike Rosier

Villains Are Forgotten, But Heroes Live Forever

I can remember days long since passed where Scotty, his cousin and my good friend, Gerry, and myself  and sometimes others would roam the friendly streets of Aiken just off of Whiskey Road in search of some adventure and candy – well, mostly candy.  

Connor Threlkeld

Weather map has Arizonans feeling the burn

It's rare to find temperatures in the triple digits anywhere in the United States in January, but Arizona dealt with a heat wave that reached four digits recently. At least on one local weather report. 

Kim Luciani

Budweiser's "Lost Dog" Super Bowl ad

The puppy and Clydesdales are back with a new installment.

Connor Threlkeld

Burning car evades firefighters

Cars catch on fire sometimes. It happens. Less common? The vehicle rolling away as firefighters work to put the fire out. 


The Big Impact of Your Little Financial Choices

When a person starts looking at their personal finances and seeking to make changes to improve things, most personal finance books and websites encourage people to look at making big changes right off the bat.

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