Damon Cline

Weird trick to cure nuclear waste problem!

Dealing with the nation's high-level nuclear waste is a huge problem, but it shouldn't be. Only two men stand in the way of a ready solution sitting idle in the Nevada desert. 

Mike Rosier

Welcome Home!

The room begins to spin – you can’t tell the underwear box from the Blu-ray box. Where are my keys? Where are the cups? Have you seen the trash bags? Where are Sara’s white dress shoes? I put my brown belt in the box with the dishwashing liquid, right? Where is Dylan’s other Iron Man shoe?   You get the idea.

David Lee

Daily Prospect Report: April 29

Damon Cline

Regulators: Stop treating 'e-cigs' like tobacco

Tobacco-style taxes and regulations on electronic cigarettes would help government bureaucrats but harm the public.   


Reflections on a Tiny House

The moral of the story is this: if you fill your life with experiences outside of your home, you don’t need as many possessions and thus don’t need a large home.

Connor Threlkeld

Fast & Furious car chase recreated

If you've never seen an epic car chase involving remote control cars, then your luck is about to change. 

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