Damon Cline

Conservatives are "anti-science"? Let's talk about that

Ah, science - that wonderfully objective and dispassionate pursuit liberals selectively cling to when it justifies their control over some aspect of your life.

Sean Moores

Here's a quick and easy way for subscribers to bypass the new survey

Many of you have seen the new survey that appears over online stories. Subscribers who are logged into the web site through Press+ shouldn't see it all.


How to Handle Being Ashamed of Being Frugal

For some, getting control of your spending is a really hard pill to swallow, not because they don’t know how to do it, but because they view a reduction in spending as something to be personally ashamed of. 

Connor Threlkeld

Blue Angels Surprise

People watching a St. Louis airshow in May were surprised during a demonstration by the Blue Angels. You'll just have to watch and see what happens.

Damon Cline

Flex your rights – film the police

It's perfectly legal to film law enforcement officers carrying out their public duties. So why do so many cops go Rambo when the iPhones come out?


The Razor Experiment: Smart Tactics for Razor Blades

Years of experiments have taught me several things about getting a great shave at a very low price. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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2014 City salaries rose slightly

The salaries of Augusta-Richmond County employees remained relatively flat over the past year, but some people got big raises. Average full-time pay increased by 1.4 percent to $38,949.19.
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