Ten Useful Things To Do With Your Tax Return Money

For many people, March and April means that a sizable check will arrive in the mail. When that check arrives, it can be really tempting to use it for a splurge – and it’s fine to use some of it for a splurge.

Connor Threlkeld

Amazing Wheel solution goes viral

Pat says it's the greatest puzzle solve he's seen in 30+ years hosting the show. I'm inclined to believe him. 

David Lee

Daily Prospect Report: March 19

David Lee

Daily Prospect Report: March 18


A Deeper Look at Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps

It’s a solid plan to follow, but I see lots of emails from people who are struggling, so I thought it would make sense to walk through Dave Ramsey’s “seven baby steps” and offer up some thoughts on each step.

Connor Threlkeld

Jeff Goldblum lays down the laugh track

If you ever thought Dr. Ian Malcolm's laugh from the helicopter scene in Jurassic Park could easily be remixed into a pretty sweet music track, your suspicions have been confirmed. 

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MOX gets funding in House bill

The appropriations bill that funds the Department of Energy and Army Corps of Engineers was passed late Thursday evening. The measure funds construction of the MOX plant in fiscal year 2015 at a ...