Steven Schretzmann

I'm Now a Banana-Powered Runner

I've tried bagels, nuts, raisins, trail mix, chocolate milk and protein shakes. Nothing seemed to work as well as a bottle of sugar water.

Connor Threlkeld

Uncorking Cristal with a 50 cal rifle

Though guns and alcohol are a dangerous combination, that doesn't mean this video of a man shooting the cork out of a bottle of champagne should be any less entertaining. 


How to find the Best Thrift Stores in your area

I have had a lot of success buying things at thrift stores, secondhand stores, and consignment shops. Here are just a few examples of things I’ve found.

Connor Threlkeld

Pit bull takes on pineapple

When I think about it, a pineapple is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Compared to most fruits, they're just bizarre looking. And apparently this pit bull agrees with me. 

Steven Schretzmann

Stay Safe While Running at Night

I do my long runs on weekends during daylight hours. If I want to run during the week, I have to run in the dark.


25 Gift Ideas Under $10 I’d Be Happy to Receive

Whenever I see a typical gift idea list, I have two immediate frustrations.

Connor Threlkeld

Laser weapons face sea trials

Somewhere in the Arabian Gulf lies the shattered remains of a speedboat and a drone aircraft. Equipment destroyed during demonstrations of the Navy's newest laser weapons system. 

Steven Schretzmann

5 Lessons Learned Running the Turkey Trot

Here are a few things I'll do differently during my next race.

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