K Vivienne Green

Moving back to move Forward

Sometimes we have to step back to move forward. This can mean going back to a job you left, moving back to a place you moved away from, reconnecting with someone from your past, sometimes, just sometimes moving back is actually a step forward.


Timeless Strategy for Buying Electronics

All of our electronics are on a “use it until it dies, then buy a minimal replacement” cycle. It saves us money and lets us do everything we need to do.

Connor Threlkeld

NOT the bear that was in Augusta

Unlike the bear that recently took a stroll through an Augusta car dealership, this bear was not bothered by humans. 

Damon Cline

Bureaucrat Bingo: Cline Cabinet vs. Obama & Co.

The Obama administration is an abysmal failure.  Could I do a better job? Yes, and you probably could, too, with the right help.

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Daniel Field removes trees, lights structures in airspace

Daniel Field, managed by operations company Augusta Aviation, has spent more than $30,000 conducting land surveys, removing 30 trees and installing red blinking lights on top of the Newman Tennis ...
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