When Should I Invest?

The point is this: when you are first beginning to invest, it is far more important to start now and to put away as much as you can than it is to find the perfect investment.

Connor Threlkeld

Not how they drew it up

Doesn't everyone love the classic "long pass over the middle, ball stripped, defense recovers, receiver strips ball from fumble returner, then returns the second fumble for a touchdown" play?


Don’t Go In!

If I want less incidental spending in my life, the best way to do it is to avoid places where I’m going to be spending money incidentally.

Connor Threlkeld

Ohio State marching band at it again

Remember that time the Ohio State marching band was featured in this space for its video game halftime show? It's back. 

Connor Threlkeld

The big jump

The point of view video from the Red Bull Stratos jump was released recently, and it's pretty awesome. 

Barry Paschal

Full schedule of running events on tap

If you're looking to participate in group running events in the Augusta area, there is a full schedule set for the next few weeks.


The Curse of Entitlement

Right now, stop and ask yourself what you feel entitled to. Do you feel entitled to immediate service? Do you feel entitled to regular treats? Do you feel entitled to the most comfortable seat?

Erik Larson

Teacher Resume Advice

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