Anchor Prices and You

As we walked away, though, I realized that I had just fallen prey to anchor pricing. Let me explain what I mean.

Connor Threlkeld

Don't Tow Me, Bro

It's not often someone is thrilled about their car being towed. But most people let it happen. 

Connor Threlkeld

Plane, meet lightning

Video is circulating online of a Delta plane struck by lightning while on the ground Tuesday in Atlanta. 

Connor Threlkeld

Phone meets red-hot ball of nickel

The iconic Nokia 3310 was loved by many for being virtually indestructible. 


If You Want Different Results, You Have to Try Different Approaches

The things you did yesterday have brought you to the life you have today. If you want something different, you have to do something different today to create a different life tomorrow. There’s no other way to get there.

Connor Threlkeld

A little help getting out of bed

If you often struggle to wake up and get out of bed in the morning, perhaps this is the product for you. 

Kim Luciani

Video: Your dog needs this parrot

Check out this prime and extremely funny example of interspecies cooperation.


Why We’ve Given Up on Coupons

As Sarah leafed through the coupons, I began to realize something interesting.Although we were very avid users of coupons a few years ago, we essentially don’t use them now.

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