If I Can Suggest One Financial Move to Anyone, It’s This

There are very few adults in the United States that are of working age that aren’t affected in a positive way by saving for retirement. For virtually all of those people, saving for retirement – or saving more for retirement – is a strong positive move.

Connor Threlkeld

Do you want to launch a Navy ship?

Ever wonder how they get the ships the build on land into the water? Here's one way. 

Steven Schretzmann

128 Days And Counting

Do you need to get in shape for the 2015 GRU Augusta Half Marathon? Me too.

Connor Threlkeld

Drum Battle: The lighter side of military service

Check out this video of the III Marine Expeditionary Force Band facing off with the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army Band in a drum battle. 


Nine Financial Questions to Discuss When Your First Child Is on the Way

While I’m glad we did so much reading and research and thinking about caring for that baby, I really wish we had spent more time preparing for the financial implications. 


How Do The Rich Pay Lower Taxes? And How Can You Do It?

Most of the time, when someone refers to how a rich person pays low taxes, what they’re actually referring to is the percentage of their income that they pay in income taxes.

Connor Threlkeld

Hawk 1, Drone 0

Have you ever seen a hawk knock a quadcopter out of the sky. Prepare to be amazed as one man's GoPro-equipped quadcopter captures the whole thing on video.

Kim Luciani

Terminally ill woman chooses to die on Nov. 1

29-year old Brittany Maynard has terminal brain cancer. Maynard has chosen Nov. 1 - two days after her husband's birthday - as the day she will die.

Connor Threlkeld

Mountain biker takes on the Isle of Skye

If you're not one to watch video of a guy taking on a mountain while riding a mountain bike, you might be one to enjoy video of the beautiful scenery Danny Macaskill is riding through. 


When Should a Person Start Social Security Benefits?

I thought I’d walk through the ins and outs of this question on The Simple Dollar because I know that many readers are asking similar questions, both for themselves and for their spouse.


How to Use the “Snowflake” Strategy for Debt Repayment

When you’re facing a giant mountain of debt, it feels almost impossible to overcome it. It doesn’t have to be this way. Snowflakes were a big part of that success. 

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