Planning a great Stay-Cation

This summer, my family is going on a fairly expensive and lengthy road trip. So we’re already thinking about ways to make a much less expensive summer vacation next year. Our plan? A “stay-cation.”

Connor Threlkeld

Paper airplane from the upper deck hits player

During a friendly match between England and Peru at England's Wembley Stadium, soccer fans entertained themselves by tossing paper airplanes from their seats near the top of the stadium. 

Damon Cline

From zero to conservative in 10 steps

Everyone has their reasons for choosing a political philosophy. Here's mine.

Mike Rosier

10 Things to Remember ... Golf!

Now that I am knocking on that 40-year-old door, things have changed a bit (a LOT). Once upon a time, recreation and sports meant my friends and I would meet up for some hoops. But we are all older now - much older, in fact. And for the most part those friends are gone, having been swallowed up by Facebook pages and by life and wives, kids and careers. This is the way of things, I suppose. But I miss the competition – the drive to pursue something and try to get better.


How Does “Pay Yourself First” or “Bank on Yourself” Really Work?

I often see and hear ads for programs that involve the ideas of “banking on yourself” or “paying yourself first.”

Connor Threlkeld

Graduation speech draws rave reviews

The graduation speech by Naval Adm. William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command, to graduates of his alma mater the University of Texas is going viral.

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DaVitte slaying suspect still in Florida

A month after the slaying of 55-year-old Bill DaVitte, suspect Daniel Nelson Robinson, 21, remains in a Jacksonville, Fla., detention facility.
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