Something to Think About in a Stock Market Downturn

Over the last week or two, as is always the case when the stock market dips a little, people write to me and ask whether or not they should be changing course in terms of their retirement investments.

Connor Threlkeld

Rare three-way loss on Jeopardy!

Have you ever seen all three contestents on Jeopardy! finish the game without any money? 

Connor Threlkeld

Gas stations and lighters don't mix

A woman pumping gas at a gas station in central Russia felt the need to pull out a lighter during the process. 


Six Basic Personal Finance Facts People Should Know (but Constantly Get Wrong)

Here are six key financial facts that people consistently get wrong. They use these facts as assumptions not only for questions that they ask me, but for how they behave in everyday life.


The Number That Matters Most

There are a lot of numbers thrown around in personal finance articles and books and videos. However, there’s one number that I’ve found trumps all others

Connor Threlkeld

Baby's first bacon

Boy meets bacon. It's the classic love story. Watch as this child eats bacon for the first time and falls in love with the stuff. 

Connor Threlkeld

Australian town takes Down Under literally

With nearly 1,700 people in an area where the temperature regularly exceeds 100 dgrees, Coober Pedy took the phrase 'Down Under' to heart. 


Some Thoughts on Children and Planning for the Future

Our whole assumption regarding our children and their lack of financial reliance on us is predicated on our parenting style, which is based on our own experiences with college and leaving the nest. But what if it's wrong?

Connor Threlkeld

Japanese police deploy drone-catching drone

Japanese police officers tired of being unable to catch drones being operated in violation of the law, developed a counter-drone drone. 

David Lee

Braves: Atlanta gets eye-popping haul for Miller

When the Braves traded Shelby Miller to the Diamondbacks on Tuesday night, for the first time since the rebuild began, they found their potential franchise-defining return.

Connor Threlkeld

Silent Night, featuring Placido Domingo

Viral YouTube sensation The Piano Guys released a new arrangement of "Silent Night" this week, featuring world-famous tenor Placido Domingo and a children's choir. 

Connor Threlkeld

That time Adele auditioned as an Adele impersonator

The BBC brought together Adele impersonators to audition for a role. What they didn't know was "Jenny" was going to audition with them. 

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