The Challenge of Getting Rid of Stuff

Over the last several years, I’ve made a conscious effort to pare down my possessions. I still have far more things than I need.

Connor Threlkeld

Robot makes hole-in-one on No. 16 at TPC Scottsdale

The Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale is famous for its 16th hole, which is surrounded by bleachers with a capacity of about 20,000 people. 

Kim Luciani

Video: NFL bad lip reading

Just in time for the Super Bowl, the folks at Bad Lip Reading have released their 2016 NFL edition.


Financial Independence on a Smaller Income

While a good-paying job certainly makes things easier, it's only one piece of the puzzle.

Connor Threlkeld

The one-year-old snowboarder

While I've never snowboarded before, I felt confident that I would never feel a one-year-old child was better at snowboarding than I was.  Until today. 


Something to Think About in a Stock Market Downturn

Over the last week or two, as is always the case when the stock market dips a little, people write to me and ask whether or not they should be changing course in terms of their retirement investments.

Connor Threlkeld

Rare three-way loss on Jeopardy!

Have you ever seen all three contestents on Jeopardy! finish the game without any money? 

Connor Threlkeld

Gas stations and lighters don't mix

A woman pumping gas at a gas station in central Russia felt the need to pull out a lighter during the process. 


Six Basic Personal Finance Facts People Should Know (but Constantly Get Wrong)

Here are six key financial facts that people consistently get wrong. They use these facts as assumptions not only for questions that they ask me, but for how they behave in everyday life.

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Agencies weigh in on body cameras
After a year of use, both Richmond County Sheriff's Office and North Augusta Department of Public Safety have learned the true strengths and weaknesses of police body-worn cameras.