Building a Good Personal Finance Mindset in Your Children

Here are the five key principles we’re teaching our kids, how we’re making it work, and some of the little tactics we’ve found useful with our various children.

Connor Threlkeld

Fish puts starfish in its place

A fish working to create a small cave for itself by removing sand from under a rock was not about to give up its new home to a starfish that tried to sneak in and claim the spot for itself. 

Connor Threlkeld

Bernie Sanders Feels The Bird

Bernie Sanders was interrupted at a political rally in Portland recently. Not by protesters or fighting in the crowd. But by a bird that joined him at the podium. 


How to Cut the Cable (or Satellite) Cord and Save a Lot of Money Each Month

This is a topic I’ve written about several times before on The Simple Dollar, but the reality is that as alternatives to cable television grow and change, the options for people who want to break away from the cost of cable television drastically improve.

Connor Threlkeld

Baseball Star Kris Bryant Pranks a College Team

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant took some time to play a prank on the Mesa Community College baseball team, joining the team as a transfer student from Europe. 

David Lee

Braves: Let it fly, Teheran

Wayne Staats

Former Laney star Cave wins another Big 12 title

Khadijiah Cave played in Baylor's win against Texas on Monday to win a third conference tournament title in as many years

Wayne Staats

Harlem's Reggie Reid to represent area in NCAA Tournament

With Florida Gulf Coast's Sunday night win in the Atlantic Sun tournament title, Harlem graduate Reggie Reid and the Eagles clinched a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

Connor Threlkeld

Kid hits hole in one on first shot at new course

A new golf resort near Houston features a nine-hole mini-course designed by Tiger Woods. He was on the scene for the unveiling. 


Frugal Out of Necessity, Frugal Out of Choice

When I was in college, I was frugal out of necessity. I had very little income coming in – just the money from a part-time job – so every dime that I spent was vital. In comparison, let’s look at today.

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