Damon Cline

Bureaucrat Bingo: Cline Cabinet vs. Obama & Co.

The Obama administration is an abysmal failure.  Could I do a better job? Yes, and you probably could, too, with the right help.

Mike Rosier

The Shortest Amateur Golf Career ... Like Ever

When the golfers of the newly-christened Peak Amateur Series tee off on Saturday morning at Persimmon Hill Country Club for the North Augusta Exchange Club/Persimmon Hill Classic, one name in the season points standings will be inconspicuously absent – MINE.

Damon Cline

Immigration: Good fences still make for good neighbors

Is the most powerful nation on Earth incapable of building and maintaining a 2,000-mile fence along the Mexican border? Of course not. But nobody gets to make money off a fence, do they?


The Unhappy Call

A few days ago, I called my internet service provider. I had an issue I wanted to discuss with their customer service people. The problem is that they’re expensive. 

Connor Threlkeld

Comedian hits trick shots in honor of World Cup

A French comedian made a video of his effort to hit trick shots while wearing the jersey of every team that will be competing in the World Cup. 

Connor Threlkeld

Seattle Symphony meets Sir Mix-A-Lot

So the Seattle Symphony Orchestra teamed up with Sir Mix-A-Lot. As orchestras often do... Wait what?

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Marijuana-based drug works differently

Georgia Regents University and the state of Georgia have worked for months to land a marijuana-derived drug clinical trial for children with difficult seizure disorders.