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Since we are almost out of winter _ loud cheering in the background and foreground _ Crystal Eskola and I thought we better get to the winter season in Crystal's garden done right now.

You may remember, or will be happy to learn, that veteran Master Gardener Crystal Eskola agreed to a Gnome series on how to have a beautiful yard and gardens through all four seasons. We started with fall and now feature winter.

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If you are already having visions of homegrown tomatoes and hope this year's quality and quantity will be better than last year's, there's a new book out that could help: "Homegrown Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs."

Even if your vegetable garden is the envy of the neighborhood, I think you will enjoy this book and the photographs by garden author Jim Wilson and professional photographer Walter Chandoha.

Thanks to Bill Bricker of Bricko Farm, whose Kricket Krap gets a well-deserved shout out in the book, I was able to borrow a copy of the book until I can get my own.

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   My buddy Sheila and I went to hear garden star Walter Reeves speak Monday night. If you didn't know he was in town and would have loved to have gone, too, it's my bad. I forgot to add it to the garden page last week. Apologies.

   He told how a slanderous statement evolved about him. Reeves _  if you don't know he is the authoritative garden book-writer who also has radio and television shows _ has been falsely attributed with the stupid advice that pouring club soda on a fire ant mound will kill the ants.

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    OK, by the time you read this the temperature is nearly at a level that gnomes can endure, but the cold trapped me inside last week with only houseplants to fill the gardening fix.

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There’s an art to good present giving, but just as gardening is an art form, those of us lacking talent can also take part and earn lavish praises.

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By Sandy Hodson
Staff Writer
If you’re the type of person who is thrilled to get a pallet of rocks for Christmas, you’re going to love this new series.

For gardeners, one of the hardest objectives to accomplish is keeping the yard looking good and interesting throughout the year. To help us with that, Lifetime Master Gardener Crystal Eskola has agreed to share her garden through the four seasons. We’ll visit with Ms. Eskola throughout the year to see how she does it in her fabulous and creative yard.

For the first season, we have fall.

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   Bill Adams was a friend, coach and THE Master Gardener of Georgia and South Carolina. Unfortunately for all of us, he was killed Sunday afternoon while working in his yard.

   Valerie Martin, Master Gardener and Richmond County Extension Service secretary, said Bill always said when his time came he wanted to be in his garden.

   Although 72 years may seem like a long life, it was way too short for Bill. After giving so much to so many, he should have had many more years to garden, to teach and to share.

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  You just thought you were done with gardening chores come

November. But there’s still work to be done and the neighbor’s

 oak trees have just started to lose their leaves.


 Weekend garden warriors need to grab their gloves and get busy.


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By Sandy Hodson
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Mona Gay has this magical plant, a Night Blooming Cereus. This is one flower I might actually stay awake for.
As the name implies, this beautiful flower opens only at night for a few hours and then it wilts and dies. But boy oh boy, while alive, Mrs. Gay said, it’s magic.
“It opens there right in front of you,” Mrs. Gay said. “And it smells better than any French perfume.”

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   October: what a fabulous month. It has a beautiful birthstone, beautiful weather, crisp blue skies _ what’s not to like except for the anticipation of leave raking?

   I finally got my new flower/herb garden done. The picture was taken before I could add the final three plants because the chosen spot was taken by fire ants, which left me with a couple of nasty bites. I got even, however.

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