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   As I returned to my battle against English ivy, monkey grass and assorted weeds last weekend, the thought struck me that I could do a Gnome column on weeds because we certainly seem to have them all at our place.

   But after a couple of hours of doing computer searches and going through gardening books, it quickly became apparent that weed identification is not an easy thing to find _ at least in a format that I wanted (picture first, then named.) So, I thought we could start our own weed identification database.

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   While search through city commission documents to review the most recent insult to taxpayers I was shocked and thrilled to run across the solid waste department's request to hold a compositing sale.

   A closer look revealed that it wasn't what I thought at first _ the city selling compost, which it should. But the city will be selling devices for backyard compositing and rainwater harvesting. At least it's a step in the right direction.

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   Paul Blankenship shoos aside those who reject roses based on a perceived ideal of the rose's degree of difficulty.

   The Augusta area is a great place for roses: roses skate through our mild winters and easily repeat blooms through the long warm seasons. Feed and water them and you are rewarded with what most consider the most beautiful of flowers.

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   Greetings hot, sweaty gardeners.

   I hope someone out there is having more success than I am at growing tomatoes this year.

   If you have tomatoes to show off, we would love to see them. We (The Augusta Chronicle via the Gnome) are asking folks to send in pictures of their tomatoes.

   If you have any trouble posting them to the blog, email them to me at sandy.hodson@augustachronicle.com.

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   I admit it doesn't take a whole to push me over the cliff of insanity when it comes to flowers, but last week's hydrangea conference gave me a final shove.

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   I've been so busy with chores that I totally forgot to do a list of chores for June, although I'm sure everyone has a to-do list without my nagging.

   Next week I'll pick up again with chores for July, just in case you need a little help. But there is one thing that you can start in June that might not be on your radar: propagation by taking stem cuttings.

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   Be they the humble orange ones spotted along roadsides or elaborate beauties that reminds you of pampered show cats, it's hard to beat a daylily.

   Saturday afternoon is the 2010 Daylily Show where you can watch the experts judge flowers and arrangements, buy daylilies, and learn proper techniques for the planting and care of daylilies. The show, presented by the Daylily Society of the Greater Augusta Area, is from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Saturday with tours of private gardens on Sunday afternoon.

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After last weekend's adventure with the hydrangea lovers, I am now certain I am not the only plant crazy person out here.

Which is good to know because you are now forewarned: bone up on those wrestling skills and get to the Pendleton King Park's hydrangea grand sale early Saturday.

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