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After 31 grueling weeks, the Caption Contest needs a vacation. And a Swedish massage. Meanwhile, the staff is readying some new brain games for readers' amusement. Watch for them in February.

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You may take our lives, but you'll never take.. our championship.

Winning caption by dhd1108

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Feeling blue? Here is something to cheer you up. Give us a funny caption for the AP photo of a Scottish soccer fan and you could win a prize. We'll pick the winner Monday.

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Winning caption posted by chrisintheuk

"I hate colonoscopy's."


Michael Vick's worst nightmare comes true. -- FOUNTAIN5 


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Winning caption posted by spanky1234

Behold the new trailer for "An Inconvenient Truth 2: The New North Pole"


Sean Connery as Ho-Ho-7....Claus...Santa Claus. -- Old_Chevy


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Winning caption posted by sandyfer

Hello Santa, I'm what happens when kissing mommy goes too far.


But this one is on the "Naughty List"! -- JBrown


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One out of nine Santas use Cialis to be ready when the moment is right.

Winning caption posted by Lt_Hewett


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 Santa loves me. Santa loves me not. Santa loves me ...

Winning caption posted by FOUNTAIN5


...and in Mary's last thoughts she pondered, "Why didn't anyone tell us that poinsettas grow in quicksand?" - AustinR


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Inappropriate use of Rogaine.

Winning caption posted by centigray


University of Michigan fans who should have sprung for the adult-sized wolverine costumes. - wolverines1012


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Is this the Flatulence Researchers picket line?

Winning caption posted by muser1


Moscovites anxiously await the opening of a new Taco Bell. - tom_servo9000

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As a show of good will, Chinese toy manufacturers prepare to send a giant panda to each child affected by the recent recalls.

Winning caption posted by ericjmathews


Don't Taze me bro' - fintago

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