Posted February 13, 2018 09:54 pm

History of German Nutcrackers

German Nutcrackers are quite intriguing figures in any home, the stone faced king or solders that are believed to be a source of protection as well as lucky charms in any household are very popular in most homes. Nowadays, nutcrackers are being made with different themes such as snow skier, Santa, wood maker, etc. Learn more about how a nutcracker is made. Previously nutcrackers were made with up to 130 assembled parts but these days they are mainly used for decorative purposes especially during Christmas and not as strong as they used to be.

The history of these nutcrackers is also quite interesting; well there is the sort of fairy tale version that goes like this. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a desperate famer who grew walnuts offered a great award to anyone who would help him open his walnuts. People from far and beyond came to try it out.

A solider suggested that he should shoot it open, which was obviously a stupid idea. But then a puppet maker designed a wooden doll with the strongest of jaws that could crack the nuts and Walla, the German nutcracker was invented. That is just a bed time story but in reality German nutcrackers have been used since the 15th Century. The best makers of the nutcrackers are from Sonneberg in Thuringia and Erzgebirge who were originally miners but as the mines got depleted they used their curving skills to curve woods and create Christmas toys and nutcrackers.

The Steinbach Nutcracker is one of the most popular nutcrackers in Germany as they are the ones who introduced a creative twist to the nutcrackers. Initially most Nutcrackers were in the shape of a king, soldier or knight until Steinbach Nutcrackers designed Nutcrackers with shapes of leaders from across the world as well as German folktales heroes. The increasing demand of the nutcrackers meant that there would be Knockoff especially from China, and sadly in 2016 Steinbach Nutcrackers declared bankruptcy after 250 years of service and was shut down. Later, the idea of limited edition Nutcrackers was invented with the first one being that of King Ludwig the second, only 3000 was made. This is how Nutcracker collection became a popular hobby in German and by the 50s it had spread to other parts of the world as well.

In America, German hand-carved nutcrackers are a favorite Christmas decoration and this happened in the 50s when American soldiers in Germany frequented the Christmas markets. They loved the wooden soldiers and therefore took them back home as souvenirs. This also coincided with the Tchaikovsky’s ballet, the Nutcracker suit which also increased the demand for Nutcrackers. Over the years the styles of nutcrackers have evolved with more and more varieties from the vintage ones like the King Ludwig the second to other more modern styles, one would be spoilt for choice when choosing an authentic German nutcracker. There are several companies that import nutcrackers for sale in America from Germany. Such companies include. 1. Kurt Adler Nutcrackers. This company has been selling German Christmas decorations in America for a very long time. In the 80s they included nutcrackers in their sales. They sell both the classic Nutcrackers as well as their own remade nutcrackers such as Wizard nutcracker as well as The Wine Grower nutcracker. 2. Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers. This company was founded in 1928 by Christian Ulbricht’s father Otto. Christian moved back the company to its original home in Erzgebirge in 1990 after it was moved away during the war.

The company to date creates wooden nutcrackers that are a Christmas favorite. Their products are exported to America and sold in various Christmas stores. 3. Steinbach Nutcrackers. Though the company is not on production, their products are still available and can be found in any store that has nutcrackers for sale. 4. Vintage Nutcracker. Vintage nutcrackers can be found in many vintage shops, these nutcrackers are one of the original German Nutcrackers and may therefore be a little more costly. German Nutcrackers are a great Christmas decoration that will add color as well as the feeling of protection (if you believe) in any room. They are also a great Christmas gift to give to give to a German friend who could be missing home during the Christmas period. The nutcracker is a great accessory in any room as it not only adds beauty but has a lot of history behind it.