Posted February 5, 2018 02:07 pm

Two Days in Astana: What to Do and Where to Go

Have you ever travelled somewhere for no particular reason, especially to the places where you have never been before? If not, it is high time to do this. Why? It's so much fun travelling to the places which you know almost nothing about but have a vivid image of them because of the stories you've heard or the facts you've read. For a lot of people such place is Kazakhstan and its capital - Astana particularly. This city is known as the capital for growth and achievement, where traditional values and great ideas are appreciated. Astana is a home for many national and world's famous cultural events and festivals. It is a unique combination of very modern but, at the same time, very traditional things.

If you live somewhere far from Europe or Asia, it will be something you've never seen before. Astana brings some kind of a surreal feeling because of very mixed architecture, but, at the same time, very developed infrastructure. By the way, travelling to Kazakhstan doesn't require some extra efforts. You can easily book your tickets New York Astana directly on the website without a need to find a country to make a transfer in.

So, what are those obligatory places to see and visit while being in Astana?

Places You Can't Miss in Astana

If you're not sure whether you want to stay in Astana for a whole week or more, try just a weekend. Two or four days will be enough for your first time in the country. So, where should you go first? What are those attractions and food you can't miss in no way?

  • First of all, just walking for the first couple of hours in the city is a must. Look around, try to understand the culture, the people, the traffic, and the pace of life in the city in general. A lot of tourists say they feel like they're on a movie set during their first couple of hours in Astana. Everything seems to be a little bit strange and completely new. The city has the charm of its own;

  • And now it is a high time for some really interesting places. Go to the main symbol of Astana – The Baiterek Tower. It is a huge construction of 97 metres, which symbolizes the year when the capital of Kazakhstan was transferred to Astana;

  • Another two places you can't miss are Nur-Astana Mosque and Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. These two buildings represent two different styles of architecture but have the same striking impression. You will be amazed;

  • And don't forget about traditional cuisine. Definitely try manti, shelpek, and kaimak. You won't be disappointed.

So, that's all for your two-day trip to Astana. But believe us, this city will definitely make you want to come back as soon as you enter the airport. A weekend trip is not enough to explore such a magnificent place.