Posted January 10, 2018 11:24 am - Updated January 10, 2018 11:24 am

5 Ways to Enjoy a Greater Spiritual Connection

Your health and happiness are set to improve if you enjoy a spiritual connection. Just a few tweaks to your lifestyle can expand self-awareness and joy. However, you might wonder where to begin. After all, there are many spiritual practices to follow. Some of the most influential, though, are so simple you may overlook them if you aren't careful. The following practices will help you connect.


When with nature, you find stillness that's unmet in human-made environments. The beach, meadows, and forests are full of growth. Among them, you join the wellspring of life. Commune with nature each day and soak up the peace and beauty of the atmosphere. As a result, you'll settle into more of a state of serenity.

Morning meditation

Start the morning with a meditation and set your mind to be spiritual by relaxing somewhere pleasing. Take soft, silent breaths, and inhale tranquility for a gentle attitude. Fill-up with eagerness to discover what the day will offer as it unfolds.


Practice mindfulness, pouring full attention into tasks without being distracted by scattered thoughts. Sri Chinmoy once wrote, “To obey the mind blindly is to be in a helpless state of perpetual crisis.” As you focus on what you're doing, the flurry of thoughts and worries will slip away. Generating a peaceful mind reduces stress and encourages joy in life. When you relax, you deal with challenges well and recognize the little wonders that make your heart expand with joy.


Being thankful keeps a spiritual light burning within. As you appreciate your blessings, you attract abundance and love. Similarly, you become more loving, which is the most spiritual practice of all. The more you expand gratitude and love, the more elevated your mind will feel. You'll see life through different eyes, as compassion and happiness widen your perspective.

Stay in the present moment

Stress often stems from living in the future or past. When you look ahead or behind, you miss the beauty of the moment. You drop your connection to divine energy when you're anywhere other than here right now. Every time you notice your attention slip from the current moment, gently bring it back. Remind yourself the greatest lessons are happening, and you have to be present to learn them.

You can be more spiritual each day if you absorb the peaceful atmosphere of nature. Start every morning with a sense of tranquility by meditating, and be mindful when carrying out tasks. Also, make gratitude your spiritual fuel, and live in the present where life's happening to discover a link with the divine.